04.20.2012 08:03 AM

A question for Canada’s Sarah Palin

That is, Danielle Smith:

Why have you recruited Richard Evans, who promotes NAMBLA and the neo-Nazi Stormfront, and who mocks Holocaust victims?

Wildrose organizer Richard Evan wrote a motorcycle registration number on his arm,

pretending to be a Holocaust survivor. He thought that was funny. Does Danielle Smith?


  1. William Munsey says:

    What did she recruit him as?

  2. William Munsey says:

    What I meant to ask is, did she recruit him as an organiser, or did he volunteer? And did he make his views known to her at the time.

    I’m no fan of the Wildrose Party (I’m a candidate of the Alberta Party, in fact), but there is so much demonising going on this election, you post is not clear about how much understanding the WRP had of his background. Many politicians accept the offers of help, without background checks.

    The Wildrose Party finds enough trouble for themselves without innuendo from the rest of us. Just sayin.’

  3. Mark McLaughlin says:

    The guy might be a dirtbag, but buying a web address of an opponent and forwarding it to NAMBLA as an act of childish mischief-making is hardly PROMOTING child abuse.

    The 10 year old kid who draws a swastica on the side of his school probably isn’t a Nazi either.

    Being an idiot can be confused for all manner of other, more hideous descriptors. In the end, most are just idiots.

    • Llokah says:

      Haven’t you been paying attention? Richard Evans is a Wildrose candidate.

      ALL Wildrose candidates are teabagging wingnuts. They are Nazis.

      • Warren says:

        He is? I don’t think so. Was a delegate to their convention, does online comms for them, etc., but I wasn’t aware he was a candidate. You sure?

        • bluegreenblogger says:

          Whatever else he is, he is definitely a grade A asshole. I just cannot believe that anybody would permanently tattoo that mockery on their arm. Even your garden variety racists would not go there. My blood boiled when I saw that picture, and I am generally pretty cool and collected. Add that to the fact that he calls for bloodshed so readily. yech

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