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Trudeau for…

Well-written.  Interesting subject-matter.  The author is still a dick.


  1. I just took a break from work, and read the same article. I was pretty impressed. I am ashamed to admit it, but the fight did in fact change how I look at JT. The idea that the leaderprinzip is outmoded is particularly interesting. I guess I imbibed the media administered koolaid like everybody else, and I allowed my impressions of the guy to be formed by sweet nothings rather than an informed judgement. èA pretty boy intellectual lightweight is more or less what floated into my head whenever he was mentioned. Maybe I was wrong. This guy is a really great aset to the Liberal Party, and will bear watching closely.

  2. JM says:

    The Liberals will not win government in 2015. Let me be stake out that claim right now. Not unless Mulcair’s Dippers shit the bed (which I don’t want, nor do I want the LPC to be wiped out). My preferred arrangement is a LPC-NDP coalition, as both party’s nastier impulses will necessarily be cancelled out.

    Justin Trudeau is exactly who the Liberals need to rebuild the party. He’s young, smart, charming and a machine when it comes to fundraising (important!!!). He may not be as intellectual as his father, but right now, the LPC has been lead by two different academics. Boy that’s really worked out well for them!

    Honestly, I’m Team Garneau (and Team Anyone But Rae) when it comes to LPC leadership. But Trudeau isn’t a bad choice for a party that wants to rebrand itself and figure out what it’s purpose is. People underestimate Trudeau at every step, telling him he’s living off his father’s good name, that Brazeau will smash his face hin. If he actually wanted to run and reinvigorate the Liberals, there’s no better symbol for renewal than him.

    The Liberals also must stop with this messianic leader goofiness and instead focus on bottom-up reorganization. Which means promoting the “team” of Liberals like Rodger Cuzner, Marc Garneau, Scott Brison, etc… instead of putting all the eggs into one basket — who then get crushed into a fine paste when the Harper Hate Machine spins up.

    Trudeau could help rebuild the party. He could also help sign its death warrant. But he’s not going to run, smartly, because he knows the havoc campaigns have on people’s personal life. I’m sure he would rather fight for Canada as an MP rather than as a potential PM. Good on him for sticking to his guns.

    And if he runs, good on him for being willing to make that sacrifice. Hopefully his wife doesn’t twist his head off in anger.

  3. Glen says:

    Journalists usually have no sense of humour, unless it’s on their terms.

  4. Jordan says:

    Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to have the political smarts, yet, to be leader of a party. Dominic LeBlanc would be a much smarter choice if someone wanted a 40-something francophone leader.

    • Tim says:

      Nope. Justin can have the job if he decides to go for it. Political smarts? How about getting elected and reelected in an “unwinnable riding”?

      That asshole Bob Rae needs to make himself clear one of these days. And then we’ll see. I don’t see a tourist in the party defeating Justin, perhaps he’s trying to smoke Bob Rae out.

      More penetrating insights into the obvious from Paul Wells as far as I’m concerned.

      (Good thing you put this up on your website Warren because I’m not due back at the dentist for a while now.)

      • Jordan says:

        A riding that had been Liberal forever and went Bloc once? I think Trudeau is a talented communicator and great at raising money, something that is good for the party. However, he has been known for making idiotic comments and I believe he could struggle with more exposure. It’s not like he’s been given much responsibility within caucus, either that’s because Bob Rae is afraid it’d boost his profile more in case he ran for the leadership or because he’s afraid of what he’d say.

        I do believe if he ran for the leadership he’d win though.

  5. kre8tv says:

    I found the article to be a bit of a shaggy dog story. The guy doesn’t want the job. And frankly I don’t blame him.

  6. Michael S says:

    Punkers and Jazz fiends. They never mix.

  7. Dan says:

    The Liberal Party of Canada does not have a leadership problem. It never has.

    If they picked a guy for leader named “Trudeau”, they would then have a leadership problem. Democracies and dynasties don’t mix.

    And as much as I think Pierre Trudeau had tremendous principles and guile, that name doesn’t earn you a lot of popularity in the Prairies where the party needs to grow. Frankly, I’m not sure the arch-federalist brand is working for the LPC in Quebec either. (Not that separatism is the answer either. But that’s a whole other discussion.)

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      Hmm: “I’m not sure the arch-federalist brand is working for the LPC in Quebec either. (Not that separatism is the answer either. But that’s a whole other discussion.)” Yes a whole another discussion, worth having. I will try to poke my nose out of Liberal Leadership politics. I have worked on, and managed leadership campaigns in the past, and frankly I do not like them and the damage they can do to a Party. Ill will builds up too quickly, on no rational or substantive basis and enmities form that can cripple the organisation. I am leaning Liberal, but I am not (yet) a member of the Liberal Party. All that said, I think that Trudeau (JT) has distanced himself from the staunch take no prisoners ‘Federalism’ of his father, and some of the Quebec LPC dinosaurs. He is in an interesting position at the moment of being able to capitalise on both sides of the soft / hard federalist divide. Those closer to him in Montreal would see him as more moderate, whilst those at a distance would draw conclusions of uncompromising federalism based on his surname. That would quickly change in a national campaign where millions of CPC dollars would be deployed against him (as LPC leader). JT would have a great chance to define himself on an issue crucial to Quebec’s and Canada’s future. I will wait with interest to see how the LPC leadership unfolds. Just please make sure that whosoever it may be on top at the end, that collegiality be the hallmark of this contest. Please, Please, be ladies and gentlemen. Prove to Canada that you can have a rational contest. Shun and castigate your fucktard buddies who are slavering at the chance to re-fight old battles, and sling mud, or you will blow one of Canada’s last chances to retain a moderate centrist choice for the electorate.

  8. Jon Adams says:

    Veering off-topic:


    I personally would have picked Parizeau, because the referendum was under his watch, and the sovereignty movement did wane under Bouchard, IMO.

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