02.01.2017 08:17 AM

Highly-scientific poll: what should Trudeau say and/or do about Trump?

You know my view.  At a certain point, I’ve suggested, silence becomes complicity.  Moreover, he’s promised to come after us on a myriad number of issues – trade, military alliances, security – so crossing our fingers and hoping he doesn’t notice us for the next four years is a fool’s folly.  We’re the Snow Mexicans, after all.

But there is a robust debate about all of that, believe me.  I have heard from many of you.  Some of you are blasé about it all, and think we should say and do nothing.  Others (like me) are very upset, and are shocked that the Liberals and the Conservatives – unlike our allies in Mexico, Britain, Germany and elsewhere – have said precious little.

What do you think?  I’ve tried to faithfully summarize the various points of view, here.  Mine, as noted, is in the option that recommends speaking up, preparing, and creating new alliances – with Europe, China, India and and so on.

Vote now, vote once.  Usually I do these poll things for fun, but in this one, I’m seriously interested in what you seriously think.


  1. Robert (Bob) Jensen says:

    Hey Warren;

    I do not see where the poll is? Hell yes, I will vote.

    Bob Jensen

  2. Christian says:

    We need to make our voice as one of the few remaining sane and progressive countries left (just wait till the elections in Europe later this year – the crazy right is on the march in France, Italy, Germany, Holland and the Brits are in the process of setting their own house on fire with Brexit). Trump is unpredictable. He’ll say one thing nice about Canada and then turn around in a Tweet and threaten to take our water. We do know he’s a racist maniac tho. Appeasement will NOT work here. Also, we do not know what shape the US will be in after 4 years of the Trumpian Wrecking Crew rampaging through what was once the ‘Land of the Free’. Its in our own best interests to find some other friends (although given what I said about the state of Europe, we may just be left with New Zealand – and I’m OK with that!) but make sure Canada’s values of diversity and tolerance are loudly and proudly proclaimed.

    • P. Brenn says:

      good points here..when dealing with bullyism…you need to gather some friends …like Germany (and others hopefully) and meet Trump head on.

      I do not pretend to know the ins and out of EO’s but at some point he needs Congress to move in his direction to get his platform implemented – that is group that will be influenced

  3. Michael S says:

    It’s the gathering storm. You missed one option. We’re in no position to be bellicose.

    Quietly but firmly start to object to Trump’s policies, prepare for the worst, create alliances with other nations. Increase volume as one’s strength increases.

    BTW: I’m tolerating facebook feeds of Canadian Trump fans, people that are literally begging for Trump to invade to round up and shoot “commie faggots” like you and me. This includes people in Canada’s infantry. We have our own problem of hate to take care of.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      That’s pretty much what I was going to say. The new alliances were already needed anyway. Got a long tough road in front of us. It isn’t a battle, it’s a campaign.

    • Carey Miller says:

      I agree with the missing option, quietly but firmly start to object to Trump’s policies, prepare for the worst, create alliances with other nations. Increase volume as one’s strength increases. This is a great opportunity for Canada.

  4. Christian says:

    On another note, I am happy to see Trudeau’s PMO taking on Fox News. Hopefully the start of a trend.

    • Warren says:

      It’s deflection. They’re supposed to be taking on other levels of government, not some stupid ring wing TV channel.

    • Christian says:

      No. I give Trudeau props for this (and so apparently do the BBC, Guardian and ABC News). After shitting the bed big time during the election, the media needs to be called out when it puts out ‘fake news’ that benefits the narrative of the Trumpites. If enough people do it, then maybe they won’t be so eager to slavishly publish regurgitated ‘alternative facts’ and will actually, you know, behave like journalists for a change. Admittedly, I’m not expecting much of this out of Fox News.

  5. I chose the quietly speak option, because it is closest, but I don’t think any of these options captures it.

    Trudeau needs to be able to stand straight and speak forthrightly (not merely quietly), but should maintain decorum and politeness throughout, regardless of his personal feelings. (He’s actually pretty good at precisely that sort of insincerity.)

    He needs to be well schooled. Emotional, uninformed reactions will do nobody any good.

    Take, for example, the Safe Third Country Agreement. A bunch of law school professors have suggested to the PM that he suspend it. That, of course, he can do. And it well might be a very Trumpian thing to do, and something Trump might understand, but the dignity of Canada would seem to me to be better upheld by some other means. Now, I am no expert in this, and am not offering a legal opinion here, but I think (and this is by way of example of how Trudeau should prepare for and handle Trump-related issues) it behooves the PM, PMO and government legal counsel to determine when and whether the agreement even applies to the individuals at risk (for example, it does not apply to someone who has not been rejected by the US as a refugee…I think one can argue that the Executive Order is not a rejection, but merely stays determination; it also does not apply to people who avoid regular border crossing areas, or who merely ‘avoid detection’ as they cross over at a border crossing) and in what circumstances, and in what stretches of the imagination, the exceptions under the agreement can apply. Only failing such, should suspension be considered. This, I think, would be more politically savvy, less confrontational and emotionally driven, and more likely to represent to Trump a wise response to his bluster that does not aim to embarrass or argue, so much as to stand our ground on principles we believe in.

  6. I’m sure the government has consulted experts to find out how to best handle people with Narcissistic personality disorder.

  7. Iris Mclean says:

    Lets just hope that the lunatic is removed from office before really bad stuff happens. Sadly, the second in command is pretty scary too.

  8. David White says:

    Good Morning Warren,

    “Snow Mexicans” ???? I know President Trump has said many ridiculous things but this remark seems beyond the pale and unlikely. Snopes seems to agree.

    I get that President Trump rode a wave of fake news to an electoral college victory but propagating fake news here is not helpful to your cause.

    Of course Prime Minister Trudeau should respond. He should do so respectfully, acknowledging the US’s right to protect their borders as they see fit and acknowledging that Canada has benefited by the blanket of security provided by the US. He should say that he is willing to work with the US to ensure the safety of North America and remind everyone of the role Canada played during the 911 crisis when so many flights were diverted and grounded in Canadian airports. And then he should reiterate the Canadian values that helped get him elected – that immigrants make Canada stronger and that all nations have an obligation to provide refuge for families fleeing conflict and persecution. Canada is ready to welcome all, believes in the process used to vet refugees and immigrants and will work to assist any Canadians affected by the travel ban. He should also take the opportunity to remind all, as the events of Sunday night show, that the real threats to Canadians are as likely to come from within Canada as from outside and that we must all be watchful for the creeping influence of intolerance and extremism. Intolerance and extremism has many faces and is not restricted to one religion, nationality or ethnicity.

    Trump or no Trump, Canada should be engaging other nations for trade and security co-operation now.

  9. billg says:

    Roughly over One Billion dollars in trade crosses into the US on a daily basis from Canada, 365 days a year.
    Disagree in private, say what you want to say in private.
    Ironic, as a Genocide occurs in front of our eyes in Syria very little is said, no march’s, social media isn’t splattered with anger, yet, a 90 day travel ban issued to 7 country’s causes such a stir and commotion.
    The Prime Minister has handled this very well, but that’s just one Conservative’s opinion.

  10. Jason Inness says:

    This is a complicated issue. I can certainly see your point of view about strong opposition. But Trump thrives off opposition. Complete silence is not a good option either, because he will keep escalating the crazy agenda until our government (and others) can’t help but react, giving him that opposition that he loves.

    So, do we resist like Ghandi, giving the fighter no opponent to attack, or do we resist like Tyson, and go for a knock out punch?

    I don’t have that answer.

  11. Lee Franczak says:

    I agree with Michael S.: “Quietly but firmly start to object to Trump’s policies, prepare for the worst, create alliances with other nations. Increase volume as one’s strength increases.”

    As has been noted in many opinion columns etc. Trump likely has malignant narcissism and dealing with personality disorders as severe as his is extremely difficult. They are manipulative, totally self absorbed, vindictive and more. It’s evident that the power afforded the President of the United States is feeding his delusions of grandeur & need for attention and control. As the writer above noted, I hope that that our government has consulted a mental health professional who has expertise in dealing with personality disorders because Trudeau will be walking into a hornets nest especially with Bannon whispering in DT’s ear. I know you don’t approve of ass kissing given the horrible situation with the immigration ban etc. but narcissists crave adulation and if Trudeau et al. want to get Canada through this relatively unscathed, trust me going in there with guns blazing is the last thing that should be done.

    Just my humble opinion.

  12. bluegreenblogger says:

    I think it would be best to object carefully to what offends egregiously. The tone of that refugee tweet is good, it is hard to object to in a fury. If it is true that Canadian dual citizens are exempt, I guess that is why they are moderating the response, with no official condemnation. Anybody who claims it was an insignificant response has not read any foreign media recently. Trudeau is mentioned pretty widely, and very favourably in contrast to Trump. This is still less than 2 weeks into the Presidency, our Government cannot start an endless tirade against crazy crazy. We need to preserve our principles, and our national independence too, hopefully. So ultimately, we do need to diversify our relations and trade relations outside North America. And we need to object to that which offends, carefully though.

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