12.21.2017 09:59 AM

He hath become the enemy

I threw the “hath” in there to sound Shakespearian and to attract your attention.  It worked.

Here’s what I wanted you to pay attention to: how Liberal partisans, defending Trudeau – that is, the first-ever sitting Prime Minister to have violated a federal statute – remind me of how partisan Conservatives used to defend Stephen Harper. I’ve written about this before, but it still amuses me no end.

Here once again, to clip and save, are Kinsella’s Sequential Five Stages of Political Denial™:

  1. Pretend there isn’t a problem.
  2. Lash out at critics.
  3. Change the channel.
  4. Explain it away.
  5. Hunker down in a bunker.

Right now, confirmation-biased Liberals are where confirmation-biased Conservatives often were, between stages One and Two.  Ipso facto, they’re saying stuff like: Real People Don’t Care, It’s Inside Baseball, Nothing To See Here Move Along and – my all-time personal favourite – The Polls Say He’s Still Popular.

As I prepare to shuffle off this mortal coil, I am becoming a journalist again, and thereby embracing the notion that all partisans are fucking liars and possibly insane.

To start your Winter right, then, here’s that legendary Trudeau vs. Barton exchange again, which will live forever in infamy and attack spots. It is a keeper.


  1. Pedant says:

    I’m obviously not a partisan Liberal, but I don’t think many people will care about this. Nobody cared about the Duffy affair. Even the sponsorship scandal only created just enough outrage to deliver a very slim Conservative minority in 2006 after 13 years of Liberal rule.

    You think the “great hair!” voters even know who the Aga Khan is? They probably think it’s a new type of yoga position.

    • Richard Fromm says:

      Paul Martin was supposed to win 250 + seats in 2oo4. The Liberals lost power two years later.

      Harper helped Canada come out of the Great Recession in much better shape than the other G-7 countries. Duffy killed Harper`s re-election.

      PM Trudeau is the first PM to violate a federal statute.

      History tells us that scandals do matter…in time.

    • Lance says:

      You are channeling Stage One VERY well, Scot(t).

    • Pedant says:

      Actually common sense would say that a globalist billionaire who Trudeau has seen ONCE in the past 30 years (prior to the bribe-trip) is up to something other than reconnecting with a passing acquaintance.

  2. Matt from Ottawa says:

    Its been eerily quiet from many LPC and PMO twitter accounts. Is this the nail, no. But as youve said many times on CFRA Warren, tiny shovels. The biggest issue is this showed how he is very scripted. Hes been so use to that same line about working with the ethics commissioner for the past year he was about to jump into that, then realized it didnt make sense. Then got confused. Like your previous post. Its going to be an ad

  3. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    “Listen Rosie, I’m not giving you a $B+/year to be grilled on this shit”

  4. B Marcille says:

    At least he didn’t cry.

    Honestly, it won’t be a game-changer but it will be one more scratch in the Teflon. At least I can throw this back at the sycophants when they bring him up.
    “Remember the time he hid his Aga Khan vacation from parliament, was found guilty of conflict-of-interest, then forgot his lines when interviewed by the CBC? Ohh, sunny days.”

  5. Sean says:

    The actual issue is a nothing burger. The take away is that the PM *didn’t understand* what happened or why it is wrong.

  6. Obvious Sock-puppet #12 says:

    I don’t know if I am agreeing with any of you, or disagreeing with all of you, but it seems to me that it is obvious: if the voters think that it matters, it will matter, and if they don’t, it won’t matter at all.

    What’s Shrill on The Hill often becomes just a quiet bleat once on Main Street. We’ll see.

    Just sayin’

  7. P. Brenn says:

    wow new respect for Rosie …this is how questions should be asked of all folks in front of the press …push push push

  8. Lance says:

    I’ve got to hand it to you, it isn’t easy to see hard, inconvenient truths and what they could portend when it affects your own side. But you always do, and that is why you’re a daily read. Seeing someone else of an opposing political bent being introspective makes it easier to try and follow the example.

  9. Ted H says:

    I don’t care what he does, he isn’t a F***ing Conservative

  10. Charlie says:

    The only question that matters is: Does this change you’re opinion of Trudeau?

    I think those who have an opinion of Trudeau, either way, won’t be affected by this. If you hate him, you will continue to do so; if you like him, you’ll appreciate his contrition and sincere appearing apology.

    The degree to which this issue permeates the public discussion in Canada is being far overestimated. This comes right at the start of the winter holidays, when families are getting together and when Trump still dominates any political discussion that does take place at the dinner table.

    Frankly, the apocalyptic prognostication made every months by political commentators never seem to borne out by subsequent polls.

    • Ridiculosity says:

      Undoubtedly, the most eloquent and insightful comment I’ve read on the ‘supposed’ issue. Which isn’t one at all, for most Canadians.

      Enjoy the upcoming Holidays, everyone. (REMINDER: prior to getting on a plane or packing the car to go to Weird Uncle Al’s place, make sure you get your travel itinerary vetted by the Conflict of Interest folks – before you show up with a green bean casserole, a bottle of rye and maybe even a fiddle. Being Canadian, we wouldn’t want anyone to have a little fun with their family and friends.)

      • doconnor says:

        If you happen to a Prime Minister and your friend happens to be a billionaire with his tentacles everywhere, you definitely should have your staff consider the implications. (You have staff to look into these kinds of things for you, right?)

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It’s bad enough that the PM appeared visibly rattled and confused but it also left a devastating impression that the feet are actually made of clay.

    Translation: if you hit him just right you can knock him off his pedestal and score a meaningful mother-of-all-home-runs.

  12. Pedant says:

    So I learned from Andrew Coyne’s column yesterday that, contrary to Trudeau’s claims that the Aga Khan is a “close family friend”, in fact T2 had seen him a grand total of ONE time in the past 30 years prior to the island getaway. That one time was at his father’s funeral 17 years ago. Aside from that, T2 has not seen him since he was a teenager.

    That’s what you call a “close family friend”? Face it Trudy, the Aga Khan just isn’t that into you. Why do you think he never invited you before 39.5% Canadians lost their minds and made you PM?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Like the last sentence. Made me laugh. But the voters are always right, even when they are wrong. They gave us Harper and Trudeau. Think about that a bit.

  13. John W. says:

    I see there is some activity on the internet examining whether Trudeau broke sections of the Criminal Code. Maybe the Cons and media will head in to “lock him up!” territory.
    Not impossible, they did say Morneau was involved in insider trading, also jail time offence.

  14. Barbara says:

    Where is our Prime Minister spending this Christmas?
    With the troops in the field, onboard a deployed ship? If not, why not? Please, not Trenton.
    I don’t believe he can face those faces.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      And you will no doubt agree that the last two PMs might be considered brave for facing disabled veterans who are still waiting for their just due. Plus ça change, etc.

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