, 02.16.2018 03:17 PM

It’s all over before it’s started (updated)

As predicted: his strategy is to destroy his former political home.

He’s doing that.

This turns the PC Party of Ontario into a running joke. Their leadership race becomes a farce.

All that can save them now is another young woman coming forward to tell her story.

Will she?



  1. Matt says:

    It’s only over before it starts if he wins back the leadership.

  2. Robert White says:

    CTV just reported that Brown ‘the practicing clown’ is filing leadership candidate papers with litigators in tow. Fedeli’s name is mud if he allows him to run given what Fedeli promised membership on the departure of Brown from the legislature three weeks ago.

    Newsrooms must be rolling their collective eyeballs right about now.

    I’m off to buy popcorn for the political theater on the tube this weekend.



    • Matt says:

      Again, the interm leader has no control over who runs FOR LEADER.

      Who runs for a SEAT under the party banner? Yes, the interm leader can refuse to sign nomination papers. Running for LEADER is different than trying to run for in a riding.

      To run for leader anyone with the entry fee can run. If Warren wanted to run, he could have forked over the $125,000 and been in the race.

      If Mulroney, Ford or Elliott win leadership, they can prevent Brown from seeking a seat under the OPC banner in the election.

      If Brown wins he could sign his own nomination papers

      • Matt says:

        Small correction – Anyone with the entry fee and a valid party membership.

        Which Brown still has.

      • Robert White says:

        Matt, you are intelligent enough to know that Brown winning the leadership is impossible based upon Probability Theory.
        Brown will be soundly trashed by journalists peppering him with incessant questions 24/7/365. At the end of Brown’s political tenure you will see him self destruct via media hoards & their cameras. Don’t forget that these reporters will stick to Brown’s every move and comment like it’s the tastiest political red meat they have ever gorged their ravenous teeth onto.

        Think wolves in sheep’s clothing when you view the reporters on Brown’s scent trail. Like bloodhounds they will track him like Cool Hand Luke until they can say….

        “What we have here is a failure to understand, Mr. Brown.”


        • Fred from BC says:

          “Matt, you are intelligent enough to know that Brown winning the leadership is impossible based upon Probability Theory.”

          He’s not contesting that. He is responding to your comment that “Fedeli’s name is mud if he allows him to run “, and reminding you (again) that Fedeli CANNOT PREVENT Patrick Brown from running for leader.

          (yes, people who deliberately obfuscate when caught in an error annoy me…)

          • Robert White says:

            Brown is tasked with clearing his name before the review committee in the executive can safely clear him to run as a leadership candidate. The allegations still stand and they have not been subjected to a court process. Fedeli’s name is indeed mud as of right now.

            Me ‘obfuscate’?

            That depends on how much marijuana I’ve consumed, frankly. And you can’t call it ‘obfuscation’ if I am temporarily distracted whilst multitasking.

            got your though.


  3. Mark says:


    Ontario Liberals gonna be in government until 2050.

  4. Matt says:

    Wonder who’s fronting him the $125,000?

    PS – His name has been added to the list of candidates, so it’s official. He’s in.

    PPS – I think your site may be getting hit with another DDOS attack. Funny how that seeme to always happen when you mention #METOO and Liberals together

  5. Ron Benn says:

    Apparently he does not understand what NO means.

  6. Miles Lunn says:

    He is being incredibly selfish. He needs to realize he will never be premier ever. Now if he wasn’t doing this the PCs would still have a chance, but the more oxygen he sucks up the more likely he will result in his party’s defeat.

    • Robert White says:

      Disgraced ex-leader Patrick Brown was lying when he said that he would take CTV to court. He realized that he would lose any court case, and he decided to filibuster the whole election to attempt saving his tattered reputation. He has not cleared his name or reputation, and he is narcissistically attempting to dominate the news cycle by re-entering the political race after he viewed his options over the last three weeks and decided that it was impossible to actually challenge CTV Journalists and their legal department. Brown could not bluff in the courts so he opted for the only option he had which is another leadership bid in hopes that no more evidence will be forthcoming to renounce his leadership bid again.

      Brown is a calculated textbook Psychopath/Sociopath that cares not one wit about the people of Ontario. Brown cares about Brown, and his accumulated wealth transfer to date.

      He will never litigate anything as he is only bluster and capable of filibuster. Once the electorate figures out that he is a narcissist sociopath they will react negatively and he will bow out in further disgrace or worse.


  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    If my name was Wynne, I wouldn’t pop those champagne corks just yet. If the election was tomorrow, Yes, by all means but it isn’t.

    The Trump Experience teaches us to throw out conventional wisdom and reference points with the bath water.

  8. Matt says:

    Take it for what it’s worth:

    Patrick Brown passed lie-detector test


    And yes i know they aren’t admissible in court and it was arranged by his lawyer. This is what he should be focusing on, clearing his name, well of these two allegations anyway.

    • Tenth Time Commenter says:

      George Costanza all up in the house here!!!

      “It’s not a lie … If you believe it.”

    • Douglas Musk says:

      Sociopaths have no problem fooling these things, their brains are wired differently than yours and mine and they don’t feel guilt or shame.

      Brown is a dangerous man who is not psychologically fit enough to be holding public office.

      I was going to stay out of the PC party but his leadership run has forced me to join and rank ALL four other candidates ahead of him. While I disagree with a couple of them they appear to be functional people who act in the realms of normal human behaviour.

      If somehow Brown wins the leadership my vote in the general election will be for the local candidate most able to defeat the PC one.

      I’ve never been more certain of anything in politics in my life.

  9. 932y says:

    Being a conservative in Ontario is worse than being a Leafs fan.

    • Robert White says:

      I was born in Toronto 1960, and became a Leaf’s fan for life.
      I was still living in Toronto when they last won the Stanley Cup.
      The Leaf’s have had tough times, but there is no team in the entire world like the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their NHL franchise is a money maker unlike some backwaters I know, and live in.

      Warren was born in Montreal, and I’ll bet dollars-to-donuts that he is a Habs fan for life.

      Being ‘Conservative’ anywhere is tantamount to an admission of personal Psychopathy.

      p.s. Warren, Randy Hillier has stated in media that Brown is ‘unfit for office’.


  10. Kevin says:

    Amazing. Here we have one of the Fords in a political contest, and the freak show turns out to be someone else.

  11. Pedant says:

    He’s a single 40-year old who’s been earning 100K+ for the better part of the past 15 years or so, most of which took place during a roaring bull market in equities. I’d be astonished if he DIDN’T have many hundreds of thousands, or even a million, saved up by now assuming his funds were properly invested.

  12. Tom Sansone says:

    Palace coup and thrown right under the Rick switch, and a metoo to in the middle of the night. All the chiefs went for the cull. Scuffle between who’s next left Vic set up for intermediate voice of rule…cough.

    However convienient Fords leadership proxy lay along with ‘Elite’ comments, party corruption, and bully x factors. A real sweat talker, and scrummed up a media frenzy.

    Could Vic be criminaly charge for obsctructing…
    Ford history, Ford. A scrum mess in the wake.
    Patrick will surely take these guys down with himself.

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