, 07.17.2018 09:31 AM

What Kathleen Wynne is owed

Steve Paikin is a nicer guy than me. As seen here, he is urging people to forgive Kathleen Wynne’s disappearance from the legislature.

I am not so forgiving.

The Ontario Liberal Party was my political home. I was proud to run its winning war rooms in 2003, 2007 and 2011, and to serve under Dalton McGuinty and Don Guy. I was equally proud to work with great people like Chris Morley, Laura Miller and Brendan McGuinty.

Kathleen Wynne – and her Wizard and her Board, the ones who pushed out dissenters and made themselves a fortune in contracts from both the party and the government – have destroyed the Ontario Liberal Party, perhaps for good.

This is Kathleen Wynne’s legacy:

• The loss of party status, and all that goes with that.

• A double-digit debt, one that will be impossible to pay off for years to come.

• The worst election performance in Ontario political history.

• A party that is reviled and despised, and with no sense of what it stands for anymore.

When the microphones and cameras were pointed her way, Kathleen Wynne was charming and exuded warmth. When they weren’t, Kathleen Wynne was just another politician: a ruthless operator, one who was willing to say and do anything to hold onto power. One who believed it was all about her.

To my friend Steve Paikin, then, I respectfully dissent. I say, instead, that this is all that Kathleen Wynne and her loathsome wrecking crew are owed:



  1. Gyor says:

    “have destroyed the Ontario Liberal Party, perhaps for good.” As an NDP voter this fills me with warn fuzzy feeling.

    • Terry says:

      … while filling the rest of the province with a strong urge to vomit. How Andrea Horwath continues to have a job astonishes me. Her platform this time around couldn’t have been more different than last time, which suggests that her principal goal is getting elected and ideals be damned. And faced with a buffoon on one side and the most unpopular premier in recent memory on the other, she *still* can’t win? And now the NDP has to pretend she did a really good job and she’ll hold those darn PCs to account! God help Ontario if she ever does win.

  2. Chris Storey says:

    Well said.

  3. Matt says:

    Well, if Ford is indeed announcing an audit of the books this afternoon as I suspect he will, life is about to get much much worse for Wynne, The Wizard and The Board.

  4. Ron Benn says:

    The rebuilding of the Ontario Liberal Party needs to start at the top. The recent debacle at the polls was the most likely outcome of the party executives’ decision to allow Wynne et als egos and senses of entitlement to dominate. If the executive didn’t see it coming, then they are incompetent and need to go. If they did see it coming, but did nothing to mitigate the results, then they need are incompetent. Either way, it is time for everyone at the top to leave.

  5. Capitalist says:

    You can place the blame of the demise of the Ontario Liberal Party on one person, and you can connect the dots with enough proof to make a correct argument.

    Trudeau and Wynne turned the Liberal Party from a natural party of government to a circus freak show. Throwing our money away like it is confetti.

    Wait till @fordnation’s audit of the Ontario government becomes public! This is going to be a bombshell. Every time Horwath says she wants to go back to the “good old days” of Wynne, the worse she will look.

  6. Brandon Myles Wallingford says:

    More like jail time.

    • Pipes says:

      Lock her up, sez I, set an example. Politicians never suffer the same consequences as we tax paying lower class, common folk.

  7. James A. McKane says:

    Not only that BUT she single-handedly RUINED Ontario for generations to come!!

  8. p bre says:

    ..you gotta know when to hold’em know when to fold’em….self before party..sad

  9. Lance says:

    I have heard this about Liberal parties before. It’ll be a long stint in the wilderness perhaps, but they’ll be back.

  10. Sieg Holle says:

    Dave Levac ( a principled liberal speaker of the house)resigned in time from the rotten poisoned political correct Wynne core and is a credible leadership candidate.

  11. Capitalist says:

    The NDP will only win if the number of welfare recipients and government employees outnumbers the number of taxpayers. If that happens, it is an economic catastrophe. Socialism works until they run out of your money, as Mrs. Thatcher said. Then the NDP loses and another Conservative government is elected.
    The Conservatives can run a farm animal and still win.

  12. Walter says:

    ” A double-digit debt”.

    Leaving a debt of no more than $99 is actually quite good. I am surprised, I would have expected it to be in the millions.

    • Matt says:

      Think Warren is referring to the debt of the Ontario Liberal Party, in the double diget millions. Around $12 million last I heard.

  13. Front Bench says:

    If Wynne and her supporters wanted some sort of mercy or kinder treatment, perhaps taking one of the two front seats in the legislature wasn’t the best move (Beside Liberal Leader)? I believe she also took on a large critic portfolio ($) ?

    If you don’t want to show up, then don’t show up…I have no problem with you licking your wounds for months to come. However, when there are such limited perks associated with Opposition, why take some of the larger ones for yourself and never really use them?

  14. Pat says:

    I’m into kinky porn. Spam me.

  15. BMMB says:

    Brilliant assessment of Wynne. This woman or whatever she prefers to be called was and is a disgrace, her waste, corruption and egregious attempt at buying everyone did not fool Ontarian’s. Even long time Liberals could not bring themselves to vote for this political mountebank. If she never reappears in public again, it will be too soon. She is a ruthless win at all cost political beast and I hope we never hear from her again.

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