10.03.2018 07:27 PM

Kudos, Trudeau

Now that is what a PM should say.



  1. Gyor says:

    It’s all toothless platidudes, he had the power to stop Ford, he refused to do so, he has the power to stop Leagult, but he won’t do so. He does have the power to make sure any bill invoking the not withstanding clause does not get royal assent, but he won’t use it. His words have no more bite to them then an toothless old grishnar cat.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    My personal views align with those of Trudeau on this, and on supply management concessions.

    Say what you like about the PM but he has real guts to take such principled positions in Quebec.

    They certainly aren’t in the Liberals’ political interests here so good on him for showing considerable courage – – that will likely cost the party seats next fall.

  3. Peter says:

    The Charter protects freedom of religion but it’s a huge stretch to read it as protecting a stand-alone woman’s right to wear want she wants. However this was how the burka issue was played widely in public commentary in the final Harper years. Presumably this is because things like the burka are sorta religious and sorta cultural and people want to avoid trying to differentiate, but courts can’t fudge the distinction so easily. JT may get points for promoting tolerance, but he’d be well-advised to be briefed better on constitutional law before this goes much further. Firstly, why women? How would such a right affect the government’s ability to compel its employees to wear uniforms (could female police officers wear burkas?)? How about school uniforms? You can’t proclaim a general Charter right only for small number of new Canadians, so just where would this lead?

    This is very troublesome for me because when I become prime minister, I intend to ban muffin tops.

  4. barn E. rubble says:

    Apparently, the separation of church and state has become more complicated . . . I mean If Canada does have a ‘separation of church and state’.

    Some don’t think so. RE: ” . . . So where things stand is that Canada does not have an official separation of church and state . . .”

    The rest here:

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