03.25.2019 06:54 PM

#LavScam latest: PMO disgusts me

They’re prepared to dirty the judicial appointment process – and hurt a couple dealing with cancer – to continue to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould.

They are a disgrace.


  1. Nick M. says:

    This is exactly what I thought.

    Just waiting for your insider post to confirm my outsider suspicion.

  2. Sean says:

    I want to know what part Trudeau played in this smear? If he’s completely innocent, one would think he’d find out who the leaker is and have them removed and then offer an apology. If he says nothing and tries to spin when asked, we’ll know he’s directly involved.

  3. Anon111 says:

    The PM had a “cordial” meeting with Jody on 18 March. What happened?

  4. J.H. says:

    Bad mistake by PMO & LPC, Total lie, by same hacks that fed info to the likes of Glen McGregor and Canadian Press journos Joan Bryden & Mia Rabson. They also participated in the original JWR smears, that Trudeau had to apologize for. Now they all blew it again! Judge withdrew because his wife had cancer!
    LSM, PMO & LPC Fk UP Again!
    And still the media wonders why no one trusts them?

  5. Nick says:

    This ongoing smear campaign exhibits contempt for all Canadians.

  6. Nick says:

    Only moral blindness can generate such compulsive destruction. Absolutely unconscionable!

  7. Gyor says:

    Wow did that blow up in Trudeau’s face, although I don’t know if he had anything to do with that back firing leak.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I really haven’t a clue where they are going with this.

    Tell me please, when is it ever helpful to go out of your way to turn a dissident into a blood enemy?

    All this serves is to kick themselves right in the teeth. They can’t build themselves up by repeatedly trying to tear someone else down.

  9. Craig Chamberlain says:

    I’ve largely avoided commenting on social media as part of observing Lent. Which given the news, hasn’t been easy.

    But this, this is unbelievable.

  10. gregor says:

    it would be helpful to have the insider source his reveal

  11. hugh says:

    It is almost painful to watch the machinations which are (and have been) unfolding at the hands of the PMO and government in in general, realizing that it would probably have never come to this point if the PM had allowed Jody Wilson-Raybould to speak freely from the very beginning.

    There would no doubt have been one or two thrown under the bus, but undoubtedly far less than have been so far (or to come).

    I also believe that if Trudeau had managed this properly, there was enough time for the government to overcome this well before the election.

    Unfortunately for Trudeau and those who perpetuate this web of deceit, the more they struggle, the worse it will get.

    • Vancouverois says:

      One or two thrown under the bus? Time for the government to overcome it before the election?

      I don’t know about the Liberals getting away with it at such little cost. I think Trudeau himself must be deeply implicated in all of it. Why else would they be pulling out all the stops in their efforts to cover up everything?

  12. Ian says:

    Different lines being spun as fast as I can try them. In this case, the idea is that Trudeau removed JWR not for the immediately previous disagreement over SNC, but in fact about the one that terminated with a Supreme Court appointment of his choice almost a year earlier. Nothing to see here.

    And of course, MacDonald at CBC this morning now trying to frame it as leadership politics, another round of the Chretien-Turner wars, or even comparing their role to Mulroney’s efforts to unseat Clark. So are we to presume that one of JWR or Philpott have leadership aspirations?

  13. Max says:

    What this clearly speaks to is the desperation Trudeau and his minions are prepared to go to, in an effort to ‘Not Let Her Speak’. It’s intended to leak something as confidential as discussions between the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister regarding the appointment of a judge, without ever having to speak to those discussions, to present one side that paints Jody Wilson Raybold as vindictive and a “woman scorned”. This is not only internecine political warfare at its worst, but its a breach of confidentiality of the highest order. Why? Because “HE” knows. Justin knows what she knows and will share – the Truth in all it’s nakedness. Its facts not feelings. Facts not experiences. Not her truth versus someone else’s version of truth. Just the facts ma’am. And HE too knows those facts. And those facts can’t ever see the light of day. Because if they do, Trudeau’s career is over, and he will take his rightful place as one of the worst Prime Ministers this country has ever had. So he gave the codes to his henchman to go nuclear. Smear Jody and let the sycophantic media do the rest. And hope it works. Liberal Party, its high noon; heal thyself. Dump your Leader now before its too late. Trudeau has become the Canadian version of Trump. The question is, will the Liberal Caucus enable Trudeau to make the Liberal party into his own version of the current Republican Party.

  14. Warren says:

    I know this is how you express yourself, but I often do not understand what you are saying.

    • the salamander says:

      .. fair point ! Moi aussi ! And never unkindly to say so..

      OK .. Where did this rumor or false tale start, and when? Who’s name is attached to that first singular event? Can nobody pin down that simple public or media ‘event’ ? Did it hatch under a mushroom ?

      When did you for example, first hear or read of it ? How about Andrew Coyne? Robert Fife? CBC hosts, CTV panelists ? What ?? There is a sort of collective memory failure ? Collective ‘senior moments’ ? This ‘breaking news’ went public.. so who ‘broke it’ ? Start there.. that person or persons are the folks who should be interviewed, grilled or laughed out of town. That is the ‘story’. One media outburst breathlessly mentioned – ‘a source so credible & high up, only they would know this’ (words to that effect) Who or what media outlet uttered that phrase ? And why ? How did they ‘know’ this.. and from whom ?

      When did Mainstream Media get permission (and from whom?) to be partisan, lazy or polarizing pimps of rumor, fiction, innuendo or presumptuous flawed logic ?

    • Fred from BC says:

      Oh, good…I thought it was just me…

  15. Sean says:



    Many years ago after joining Twitter I was trying to get the lay of the land and somehow was influenced by Dean Scorioka or some guy with a name like that. This resulted in being blocked by all kinds of folks, including Trudeau himself.

    That was early and since then I’ve come to know who my friends and allies are-Ray Heard, Lori Goldstein, and others whom I follow and visa versa.

    For some reason I must have gotten under your skin, and after a while you thought it best we go our seperate ways.

    If you can find it in your heart to unblock me, I’d appreciate it. If not I understand


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