04.05.2019 09:08 AM

#LavScam latest: JWR’s extraordinary Maclean’s interview

Maclean’s has been doing a lot of extraordinary interviews, lately.  This one, you must read.

And let me just say: my God Almighty,  I admire Jody Wilson-Raybould so much.

She articulates, better than I could, what is at stake here. And, along the way, she reminds me again why I deeply despise the Trudeau Liberals – and why I will be working to defeat them.

Link is here.


  1. Mike Jeffries says:

    JWR says imprecisely by “you speak truth”. It’s actually as Freeland said “your truth”. JWR’s “truth” isn’t everyone’s “truth”. And that’s the issue. Your “truth” can’t be a bludgeon nor an axiom to push upon anyone. And when others disagree you become an outlier and in potentially messy situation.
    JWR realizes that now when she says she doesn’t understand the Liberal Party. But she does. It isn’t the party of principle, justice, or equality as she thought. She’s in the wrong party.

  2. Joseph Taylor says:

    Counterpoint: I think the whole bad stuff was happening but the people who were doing it are not bad guys is kind of hurting her credibility.

  3. Leo Fleming says:

    This has to be the worst own goal in federal politics since the repeal of prohibition.

    I hope Trudeau makes that other guy give them a DPA. And then watch as the prosecutors resign. And then when they find one willing to negotiate, let SNC know that a $2 billion file is the starting point for discussions.

  4. William R Morrison says:

    “working to defeat them.” In favour of whom? Not the Conservatives, surely

    • Lawrence Barry says:

      “It’s Harpers fault” wash, rinse, repeat……

    • Mike Jeffries says:

      It’s a rhetorical query. Are the Conservatives that much worse?

      • Given the same circumstances, there isn’t much reason to belief the Conservatives would do any better, plus, unlike the Liberals, they don’t hesitate to punish the disadvantaged and reward the wealthy.

        • Lawrence Barry says:

          So Darwin…….. you’re OK with Obstruction of Justice then!

        • Mike Jeffries says:

          So, whose left Darwin? Support the Liberals and hold your nose to vote for these idiots?
          Not, the NDP. They have destroyed Alberta and BC by punishing investment and rewarding their unions!
          The Greens? Go and read May’s platform; it’s full of blame Harper ad nauseaum. She won’t blame Trudeau, no. Doesn’t want to irritate Liberal voters who might move to the Greens.
          Me, I’m waiting for the party to guarantee a reasonable prop. rep. and it won’t be the Liberals, no.

          • Having growing unionize middle class means there a lots of customers, which is what investors in the real economy actually need.

            That’s how the economy grew so well in the 1940s to the 1960s. A(Plus the very high taxes on the rich.)

    • Joseph Taylor says:

      Maybe none of the above. You can bring someone down without choosing a side in who rises up in their place.

  5. Mark D says:

    For those who have not done so already, I highly recommend reading JWR’s interview hand-in-hand with Dr Philpott’s interview. I can see why these two ladies are attracted to each other as women of principle.

    Some of the more thought-provoking quotes from Dr Philpott:

    “Politics has a profound effect on real people’s lives and it makes a difference as to whether people live or die, in many cases. So, this is not a game.”

    “I would also say that there are lots of people out there that are saying I don’t understand the way things are done. Well, if this is the way things are done, then that’s why people want politics to change.”

    My one disappointment from her Maclean’s interview is that Dr Philpott is giving serious consideration to moving on from politics. While I would not blame her for doing so, this would be an unfortunate loss for our country.

    The interview is here:

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