09.28.2019 10:00 PM

And if you vote for his party, you are condoning racism. It’s that simple.


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  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    All people change in life, hopefully for the better. I can understand why Trudeau was embarrassed and said nothing as a Liberal candidate and then as MP for Papineau.

    But when you aspire to lead your party– and ultimately the nation — you have a special duty to be straight with those you hope to represent. Trudeau failed in that duty.

    Do I think Trudeau in 2019 is racist? No. But he has miserably failed the obligations test he owed to all Canadians. He’s the leader of our country. He should have come forward as soon as he became leader, apologized and immediately worked to heal wounds and divisions, along with making amends. He quite deliberately didn’t do that. That’s precisely why this election is now a referendum on Justin Trudeau. It’s up to each of you to render your own judgment.

    • Joe says:

      Whether Justin is or isn’t a racist can be answered by every voter. But Justin is:
      – unethical
      – a liar
      – vindictive
      – a virtue signalling hypocrite
      – and someone who fails to keep his promises.

      The Liberal party proudly proclaims Justin is the best they’ve got.

      Now is the time for Canadians to say “Team Trudeau, you’re not good enough”.

    • whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

      A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

      Trudeau targeted an indigenous Canadian to beat up in that boxing match (he said so in the Rolling Stone article.)

      The India trip.

      Sending his anonymous fixers to bully and denigrate Wilson Raybould.

    • Vancouverois says:

      I don’t think he deserves a free pass on racism. At all.

      Outwardly he may make a big show of supporting all sorts of supposedly anti-racist policies; but his personal conduct matters. And even without his deranged fixation on blackface, the examples above are telling: he doesn’t have to be burning crosses on a lawn for his behaviour to count as racist.

      It’s like Bill Clinton and other politicians (including Trudeau!) supporting certain policies, while also assaulting women in private: supporting the former doesn’t excuse the latter.

  3. John says:

    I have a great idea for the Liberals. Since they are replacing the churches and NGO’s for sending the kiddies to camp, why not take over the Christmas Cheer program from the churches and NGOs. Justin likes to dress up. Think of the great photo op for the Toronto Star has they take pictures of Justin putting presents under the Peoplekind tree for a carefully selected poor family. The Star could run a six part photo series.

  4. Walter says:

    Remember that time when:
    Trudeau wore blackface,
    Trudeau groped a woman,
    Trudeau broke law,
    Trudeau assaulted MP in house,
    Trudeau embarrassed Canada on international trip,
    Trudeau kicked woman MP out for independent thinking,

    For each one of these, the answer will be; “which time”

  5. Jeanbatte says:

    I am a racist.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I wouldn’t word my comments the way many of the above have been written. They aren’t catered to attract the crucial undecided voter and that certainly won’t help the CPC…

    Rabid never wins elections. It only hurts your own party.

  7. Peter says:

    A new, clearer version of the last video has surfaced, and it’s disgusting. It’s big news internationally. Canadians, especially progressive Canadians,
    are about to debase and shame themselves in front of the whole world because… you know… Harper.

  8. Campbell says:

    In this election, my choices are tacitly condoning racism in voting Liberal, or tacitly endorsing it by voting CPC.

    I hope you’ll excuse me for preferring the lesser of those two evils.

  9. John says:

    Just watched our first black prime minister give his speech to students in Mississauga. Justin started off by ranting about evil Ford, Harper, Scheer, and Jason Kenney. In fact most of his speech was about them. Bottom line is he is adding over NINE BILLION DOLLARS to next year’s deficit, bringing the grand total for next year to over TWENTY SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS. When asked by reporters when he would set goals for deficit reduction, he just ranted about Ford and the Conservatives. DEFICITS FOREVER!

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Their’s is a strategy of absolute desperation. They can quite literally feel the electoral rug being pulled right out from under them and THIS is the best they’ve got? Fucking pathetic.

  10. Bill says:

    I said to my wife after Trudeau’s announcement today re his promise to keep on spending – “the fools who are voting for him, will be the ones who will have to pay for the reckless spending Spree” ! And a new luxury tax is just the start. Wait til he comes after your untaxed RRSP. Just like how the liberals plundered the EI surplus (or IE as it was then) and cut health transfers to the Province’s. Nickel and Dime you with a Netflix tax and on it goes. Liberal answer to this is plant another money tree – that would be you BTW! Someone always has to pay in the end.

    Trudeau is a phoney, Period. Ask yourself this, if you’re considering voting for him. If it was Elizabeth May or Andrew Scheer prancing around in blackface with a fake penis down his pants, lied, was found guilty of ethics violations, trying to subvert the course of justice, including denying the RCMP access, broke the biggest promise in the last election, bullied women and groped a young journalist. Would you condone this behavior and say it was OK? If you do think this is OK then you have no morals and what is next for Trudeau? What would it take to shock you and turn you away from this man without a moral compass.

    Absolutely shocking what Trudeau has got away with!

  11. Arie Intveld says:

    Choose Forward, huh? Forward must now be a euphemism for repeating the blunders of the past, tribalizing the population and bankrupting the country.

  12. Phil says:

    If there was any sort of palace revolt at the news I would disagree, but there simply are no courageous Liberal candidates who have stepped forward to say they are deeply offended by the leader’s past actions. That speaks to more than one man, there is some degree of systemic racism or at the very least a vacuum of qualities within the party to do anything but ride on his coattails.

    I am a non-committed conservative (meaning I do not have a valid membership) but I am a former Liberal card carrying member. I left a lot earlier than the current crop of discontent. I voted once for Jean Chrétien than unlike Warren, I became offended by his party’s arrogance and the party’s sense of entitlement after one term where they nearly divided the country at the Ontario Quebec border.

    I’m not saying anything other than the Liberal brand of today is nowhere near that which my father and grandfather bled. That is sad

    I would go so far as to say that the Liberal ideology is healthy, but it is as distant from today’s Liberals as Max Bernier is from being a dipper.

    NOTHING has changed when a bankrupt braintrust can ride on the coat tails of a feeble minded racist – my local candidate as and ALL local liberal candidates don’t deserve to be seated in the next parliament but the electorate seems fooled.

    Liberals should be trailing the PPC and anyone who says that the leader of any other party would not have been canned is simply not honest with themselves. The Ontario PCs did it to a candidate with far less evidence of stain and whether you hate or loathe Doug Ford, you have to admire that he was able to lead a party to victory from a point of deep shame.

    Reality is there is no Paul Martin in the wings right now. Just JT and the sunshine band.

    • Chris says:

      Martha Hall Findlay, Chrystia Freeland, Marc Garneau, Mark Carney, Ken Dryden.

      I currently would not vote for any of the above but they are all serious, intelligent, and honourable people. All words that cannot be said of Justin Trudeau.

      • Robert White says:

        Mark Carney is ex-Goldman Sachs and to embellish to the point of referring to Mr. Carney as ‘honourable’ is pushing it a bit too far IMHO.

        I agree that Mr. Carney is a human being, but we cannot ever forget that he is ex-Goldman Sachs executive. Once Giant Vampire Squid always giant vampire squid, Chris.


      • Chris,

        Please scratch anyone out who is either a current Liberal MP or cabinet minister. They had their chance with Justin and blew it, quite deliberately.

  13. John says:

    The federal civil service must be happy. Trudeau’s Toronto Star reports that over a dozen new agencies and institutions will be created as part of Groper’s 27 billion dollar deficit.

  14. Joseph says:

    He’s a amuck.
    He uses “faux words”.

  15. John says:

    Gerald Butts is hard at work distracting from his hand puppet wearing blackface. Groper’s Globe and Mail reports that Butts wants evil Scheer’s time as an insurance agent investigated.

    • Bill says:

      Oh my – how juvenile! I think he will find he worked under the guidance of the licenced broker – just like Trudeau works under Butts guidance! PM Butts and his apprentice Trudeau. Both unfit for the job.

      Trudeau – Not As Advertised.

  16. John says:

    So nobody finds it strange that the Unifor journalist moderator of the upcoming leaders debate meets with Gerald Butts at a bar??

    • Christoph Dollis says:

      On second thought, is it possible that the police thought Menzies was a threat to himself after he was hit by the Scheer campaign bus and arrested him for mental health concerns, i.e., under the Mental Health Act?

      (I am not saying David Menzies is actually mentally ill or was in emotional crisis. However, maybe after being kicked out and immediately being hit by the bus outside the police were concerned. Just a thought.)

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