09.20.2019 07:34 AM

Justin Trudeau sure likes to get photographed doing stupid things

Show me the boy and I’ll show you the man, etc.

Sent over the transom. There’s a lot more of this coming, I’m told.


  1. joe says:

    L’État, c’est moi

    No Justin it’s not.

  2. Steve says:

    Still raises the obvious question: why did none of this come out when he was running for leader? And when he was running for PM in 2o15?

    Seems like “being a victim of your own privilege” means you get a pass for a LOT of things, no?

    • Vancouverois says:

      Yes. Poor victim.

      It’s not that he personally has poor judgement: it’s that systemic racism led him astray!

      • Mark D says:

        I still think we are missing a potentially bigger political story here. Specifically how prime ministerial Jagmeet Singh, a real victim of this type of racism, looks in his mature response to this situation. The contrast between him and Trudeau could not be more sharp.

        One week ago, Singh and the NDP were struggling for relevancy this campaign. The general narrative was that they were being replaced by the rising Green Party.

        Today, Mr Singh looks like a Prime Minister.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Agreed, absolutely. Singh must take Trudeau to the woodshed in the debates. But to pull it off and lead his party out of the wilderness, it must be done without being sanctimonious. Otherwise it flops entirely, without the proper balance.

          C’est une question de nuances. A question of degree.

          • Mark D says:

            I think JS stating he would discuss the incident with JT only if it was in private and not politicized was the perfect response on Mr Singh’s part.

        • Vancouverois says:

          I wouldn’t go as far as to call him Prime Ministerial because of this one occasion. But yes, his response was excellent, and deservedly raised his stature.

          And that’s a big, BIG problem for the Liberals.

          • Mark D says:

            I’m not saying Mr Singh is ready to be prime minister yet, or that he will win enough seats for the NDP to form government. Rather I am saying his response to this affair *looks* prime ministerial.

            That is, it’s mature, it’s thoughtful, it draws upon his own experiences, and it speaks to the deeper heart of Canadians. I particularly appreciated how Singh had the foresight to appeal to young Canadians of colour and minority cultures not to give up on Canada. And he looked sincere rather than sanctimonious in doing so.

            The contrast between the NDP leader and the prime minister could not have been more sharp. Which is what I mean by Mr Singh looking prime ministerial. I may disagree with 90 percent of the NDP policies, but I do a fair bit of international travel and Mr Singh is someone I am comfortable with representing all Canadians on the world stage.

          • Fred from BC says:

            ” Which is what I mean by Mr Singh looking prime ministerial. I may disagree with 90 percent of the NDP policies,”

            An NDP federal government would be such a financial disaster that we will never see it happen (thank god). That said, I am very happy to see them take a higher percentage of the vote, because they are taking most of it from the Liberals.

  3. Joseph Taylor says:

    Warren do you think the media other than Sun is either way too sympathetic for Trudeau or straight up in the bag for him? The difference in tone between the international media and Canadian is pretty telling on this story. Why is nobody in the MSM bringing up the fact he was wearing a banana t shirt with a cod piece in his pants in full blackface? I am one of the last people to ever play the racist card but if that isn’t racist I don’t know what is.

  4. Zen says:

    I think he will be stepping down soon as the leader. News stations across the world have picked it up. I agree with Derrick Snowdy. Its not his cosplay that is concerning the most but its where his hands are on the young girl. Was his friend Ingvaldson a bad associate? Was he smoking dope with his students? All these rumours circulating on the net that the RCMP know are true or not. You can only cover up so much then it unravels. The RCMP being made to look real bad now.

  5. Bill says:


    Let’s hope there’s more to come, but sadly, the media have $600 million reasons to help Trudeau to get re-elected. How the moderators treat JT (if he’s still there) in the debates will tell much – but I think we already know how this lot swoon over Trudeau.
    Rosemary Barton, CBC
    Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star
    Dawna Friesen, Global News
    Lisa LaFlamme, CTV News
    Althia Raj, HuffPost Canada

    Trudeau’s apologists all.

    Trudeau – Not As Advertised.

  6. Gilbert says:

    I bet Stephen Harper wishes these photos had come out in 2015!

    • Vancouverois says:


      *Thomas* *Mulcair* wishes they had come out then. He’s the one who would have benefited.

      • Mark D says:

        On the subject of NDP leaders and campaigns…

        I don’t want to reduce this situation to crass politics. Nor in anyway do I believe or suggest the NDP is behind this scandal. I think these photos are coming out at an ideal time for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

        Up until then, the narrative had been Singh is uninspiring and the Green Party is rising at the expense of the NDP, as Singh and the NDP struggle to connect with voters.

        Race and multiculturalism are topics where Singh connects at his deepest and his strongest with the general population. It is an issue where he is at his most mature, his most insightful, where he looks his most *prime ministerial*.

        In sum, if we are to compare this to the PC’s “Is this the face of a prime minister?” debacle, this is Mr Singh’s Jean Chretien moment. And Mr Singh is handling it like a mature statesman and leader.

        • Mark D says:

          Put another way, Warren asks the question of JT in brown face: “Is this the face of a prime minister?”

          In light of Mr Singh’s mature response to this incident, we should also be asking ourselves the same question of the NDP leader: “Is this the face of a prime minister?”

          I believe the answer is Yes. For the first time this campaign, the NDP leader appears prime ministerial because of the sensitivity, sincerity and maturity with which he has responded to this incident–in direct contrast to our prime minister’s immaturity.

  7. Vancouverois says:

    Early 1992… so he would have been a freshly minted 20?


    I mean, it’s not something for him to be proud of. But honestly? Pffft. Who cares.

    In this case, that is.

  8. Larry says:

    Justin showed his true colors after he was first elected I believe he was the poorest attending member in the house.It soon became evident why , because he was traveling around Canada on speaking tours , charging to speak in some cases for thousands of dollars. Finally someone became wise to this and I believe that he was shamed into refunding his last engagement. There just isn’t much honourable about him period.

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