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Why did Justin Trudeau abruptly leave that school mid-term?

The question isn’t going away.

Trudeau’s story has changed at least four times since 2001

After media reports revealed that Justin Trudeau wore blackface during an event at West Point Grey Academy, Canadians have been asking why exactly Justin Trudeau left his teaching job at the school. It’s understandable why people have questions, after all Trudeau’s story has changed four times since 2001.

First, the Ottawa Citizen reported in 2001 that Trudeau would “give up his teaching job at a Vancouver private school next September to give speeches.” Several days later this claim was refuted by Trudeau in a statement issued by law firm Heenan Blaikie. The Montreal Gazette reported Trudeau was accepting a teaching job at a public school.

In his 2014 autobiography, Trudeau says he left the school after a dispute with the administration over an article written in the school newspaper. According to Trudeau, he convinced a student to write an article criticizing the fact that the girls at the school were never reprimanded for the way they dress. This article was deemed disrespectful by the school’s administration.

The Vancouver Sun reported in 2015 that the reason Trudeau left the school was “in part over a dispute over dress code and values.”

In a 2019 book by John Ivison, Trudeau’s departure is summed up as “a disagreement over an article written by a student for which Trudeau was responsible”.

On October 4, 2019 Trudeau said he left the school “because [he] was moving on with [his] life”.

That same day, the former headmaster of the school said that Trudeau left the school because he was going to study to be an engineer.

Why did Justin Trudeau leave West Point Grey Academy? What’s the real reason? Why has his story changed so many times, and if the above reports are incorrect, why hasn’t Trudeau corrected the record?

Trudeau will have the opportunity tonight to tell Canadians the truth.


  1. Peter says:

    I hate to spoil all this fun, but shouldn’t those who are anxious to defeat him (me included) start facing up to the fact that it won’t be enough to keep digging out all these sins. It seems to me this is a dangerous drum to keep beating. Some people will change their vote because of the blackface, etc., but hasn’t that been done already and capped? The fact of the matter is Trudeau has a base too and I don’t see them abandoning him because of an article he wrote years ago, or even dissembling about it since. Tell us what you are going to do to improve our lives and the country, Andrew and Jagmeet.

    That said, I do savour the idea that JT wanted to be an engineer. Why not a nuclear physicist? I’m guessing he failed the entrance exam and, presumably on his Mom’s advice, decided to lower his sights by becoming a prime minister instead.

    • Jagmeet Singh has been trying to tell you, but the media keeps talking about all of Trudeau’s and Scheer’s scandals.

    • Peter,

      Harper won’t like that last sentence either! LOL.

    • chris duude says:

      they’ll leave him if he had sex with a student, genius

    • eric says:

      When a registered political party of Canada sends a candidate to an election, I as a voter would want to know everything about him/her. EVERYTHING! What are their values? Personal and National. Immigration. Do they work? Where, When, How long? Why did you leave? This is called vetting. I don’t think this was done in Justin Trudeau’s case. If it was how did a US news magazine find and publish “brown face”? Then the “black face” picture surfaced. Did this have anything to do with the $595 million given to the media? Is the media just carrying the water for Trudeau? There’s an old cliche and that is “follow the money”. Or another one that comes to mind is “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. And now to the ever changing story of why Justin Trudeau left the Point Grey Academy abruptly as reported in some stories. What the actual date of departure? Not to mention what was the reason? And why so many reasons for leaving the same place? Will it take the same US news magazine or a different US news magazine or outlet to report the real reason. If it one of the previously mentioned. Fine then, why the other 3?

  2. Western Separatist says:

    Questions for the “moderators”
    Did he have his teaching cert suspended?
    Did he have inappropriate sexual relations with a student?
    Did the student sign and NDA?
    If yes to Q2, was it a boy or a girl?

  3. Bill says:

    Well – it could be more than one reason – death by a thousand cuts.

    Blackface stands out – goes without saying.
    He does have a history of groping.He’s been overwhelmingly been proven to lie.
    He’s undoubtedly a fake feminist, and quite possibly uses this guise to get closer to women.
    We know he bullies women.
    He’s a self professed dope smoker (not legal at the time) and possibly on school property?
    He has an eye for much younger women – much like PET.
    His apartment was known as party central.
    Trudeau’s good friend and roommate was a purveyor of child pornography and a convicted pedophile – did Trudeau know this?
    Or he may just have been a lousy teacher, he’s not too bright after all.

    Vote for him at your peril – it can only get worse.

    Not As Advertised.

    • Bill says:

      “Several days later this claim was refuted by Trudeau in a statement issued by law firm Heenan Blaikie. The Montreal Gazette reported Trudeau was accepting a teaching job at a public school.”

      If Trudeau was simply moving to a new post at a public school, (mid term?) why would he retain the services of a top notch law firm to communicate this? Fishy or what?

      • Catherine says:

        In September if the school year, he was reported by a Vancouver public school administrator to be applying to her for a substitute teacher position. So, he left the private school without a job and was applying to the public system to work part-time. His latest explanation is that it was a career decisions. Some career move!

  4. Joe says:

    Why hasn’t Trudeau corrected the record?

    Because he’s a spoiled…er, privileged, little boy who’s learned he can lie and obfuscate his way out of a jam.

    Justin two jets admires ‘basic dictatorships’ primarily because their leaders actions are not scrutinized by the media and their leaders can banish those who stand up to them to the wilderness (Wilson-Raybould, Philpott, Admiral Norman etc.)

    If the unethical, liar in chief is returned to power, what new abuses of power will we see? None. Team Trudeau will censor the internet, and give even more money to Trudeau friendly media.

  5. Brian Stewart says:

    Thanks for ensuring this isn’t buried by the bought and paid for MSM.

    What I find truly frightening is the reporter who quizzed Trudeau about why he left has been taken off the liberal tour and replaced by David Akin.

    This really is banana republic stuff

  6. Harry Belafonte says:

    That is absolutely huge that they put that on their website. Now more of the msm will have to get involved. The truth only gets heavier.

  7. Aaron M says:

    The school principal from then has already gone public saying Trudeau wasn’t fired and left amicably. No one has produced any evidence to the contrary, only insinuation. There’s no story here. But just like the rumours that Fidel Castro is Justin’s real father (or Birthergate) it seems insinuation is enough for some people.

    • Joe says:

      Well based on Justin’s track record of lies, broken promises, obfuscation, unethical behaviour, groping, hypocrisy, and vindictive behaviour, I am not prepared to give Mr blackface two jets any benefit of doubt.

      And I no longer respect his cabinet or caucus who seem to think all of the above is OK.

  8. the real Sean says:

    If he had followed his skill set and become a Moores suit model after high school it would have saved everyone an awful lot of trouble, embarrassment and the LPC would not be the flaming dumpster fire that it is today.

  9. Murray says:

    Where there is smoke there is likely going to be fire! It would be good for the media tonight to ask him why did he leave his teaching job as the story has changed too many times!

  10. Kinsey says:

    For those wanting a clearer sense of what reporters are exploring in connection with Trudeau’s departure from West Point Grey Academy, look no further than KinsellaCast 81 (September 28).

    Beginning at the 11:45 mark in the podcast, Warren said to Lisa: “You and I have both heard, and certainly I’ve heard, that there are 20 reporters right now – the Star, Globe, CBC, PostMedia – chasing stories: smoking dope with students; supplying dope to students; inappropriate conduct of the #MeToo variety; teaching credentials or academic credentials that are not what people believed they were. All kinds of stuff. It’s turned into a feeding frenzy.”

    This story is not going away.

    • The Doctor says:

      The scandal is it has somehow taken reporters 4+ years to realize that there’s a story to be had there. When many of us locals have been hearing these rumours for years.

  11. Gilbert says:

    It’s very unusual for a teacher to leave in the middle of his term. Canadians want to know what happened.

  12. Barbara Santamaria says:

    Teflon Trudeau is going to go down in flames on October 21st. You can feel it in the air. No matter what the polls tell you.

  13. Little Birdy says:

    Sometimes you have to look to sources outside of a country to find out more. The information is out there, the Americans know it, and pretty much the world knows it. Only Canadians don’t. No, it is not about blackface, so you can safely put that one to bed.
    B. Clinton must be feeling sorry for the guy right about now.

  14. Catherine says:

    In September if the school year, he was reported by a Vancouver public school administrator to be applying to her for a substitute teacher position. So, he left the private school without a job and was applying to the public system to work part-time. His latest explanation is that it was a career decisions. Some career move!

  15. Tori says:

    What we know:
    JT taught at WPGA from 1998-2001
    He then went on to teach at Winston Churchill Secondary from 2001.
    He then studied engineering back in École Polytechnique in 2002. Therefore, he may have been at WCSS for one year.
    A law firm was involved getting a statement out after his departure from WPGA, correcting for the record.
    JT is on record with multiple reasons as to why he left WPGA (school dress code, wanting to start a family, moving on in his career, etc).
    WPGA headmaster at the time has come out refuting any issues surrounding JT leaving WPGA

    If what is alleged is true – that he had sexual relations with a student, there is no way he would be allowed to teach while the issue was being investigated.

    So that leaves two possibilities: the story is false or it was never reported to the https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/organizational-structure/ministries-organizations/boards-commissions-tribunals/commissioner-for-teacher-regulation

    • Ailsa Craig says:

      I don’t have any opinions on Trudeau’s conduct – right now, this is gossip – but obviously a person can still teach when they’re being investigated for sexual interference.

      Until police arrest a person, they don’t have any conditions limiting their behaviour. Nor do provincial regulatory bodies impose limits on working that apply outside their province (there are ways to do so, but they’re not straightforward or automatic). And those investigations are typically based on cooperation with firsthand witnesses – that’s why often, rich people can get away with bad behaviour by buying silence. And regulatory investigations are generally stopped if the subject voluntarily leaves the profession.

  16. Pissed Off Cdn says:

    Trudeau is guilty as sin. If it weren’t true Gerry Butts, the puppet master, would be refuting the story.

    Hey Warren, could you please unblock me on twitter.
    I thought you worked for Toronto Star when I made the comment about how much of the bribe $ did you receive.

  17. Tori says:

    “When I was in Gr.10 at Churchill, my social studies teacher recounted her impression of Justin. She said most of the teachers were in the staff room/lounge that morning and the principal was introducing this new substitute teacher. He had unkempt hair, very casual dress, and was wearing sandals. Most teachers didn’t care much for another new guy and just kept talking among themselves. As soon as the principal said his last name, everyone in the room went silent. “His dad was like a rock star” said by my teacher. She said he taught drama and French for ~2 years and always kept to himself. He rarely associated with other teachers and would eat lunch by himself in his own classroom. Other than that, there wasn’t anything remarkable about his time at SWC. I learned about what he did with his class in 9/11 from his book (autobiography? well I found it in the section along with all the other books written by political leaders) when I was wondering around in Chapters back in August.”

    “He was our substitute French teacher at Churchill. Don’t remember much about that time other than his classes were infinitely more interesting than with our actual French 11 teacher.

    What I remember most about him was was the day 9/11 occurred. Whereas ever other teacher continued their lesson as if nothing happened, he told us he wasn’t going to teach French. Instead, he wanted to talk about the global ramifications from that event and had an open discussion as to how we thought and felt about the whole situation. He also reminded us not judge a group based on the actions of a few extremists.”

    September 11 2001 is clearly AFTER June 2001. Both posts reference that Trudeau was a substitute teacher, not a Fulltime teacher.

  18. Dale says:

    He’s a loser . Guess if you like to support a child molester, he’s your guy

  19. Duffyone says:

    Back to one of the other scandals! No one has ever asked how many shares of SNC Lavalin does JT and the rest of his cronies own? You know it was never about the jobs but all about the money and someone should ask the question. A blind trust never makes you forget what your stock holding are! Lost over 2/3 the value from a year ago.

  20. GDeziel says:

    It seems strange that if Trudeau was not guilty of having sex with a 17 yr old as everyone is suggesting, then why would one of the first things he changed as the new PM was the law to lower the age of anal sex to 16 …and don’t forget he legalized beastiality? I wish this story would come out in the open – even if someone like Tucker Carlson on Fox news or Time. We need to know who we are voting for come 21st!

  21. cms44 says:

    i dislike JT very much……. but i’ve never seen a group of people wanting so badly for something to be true…. this story is widely discredited. and of course people don’t put any weight on evidence that is inconsistent with JT’s guilt. namely, would the headmaster (ex headmaster) talk fondly of his final conversation with JT if he was leaving due to having had sex with a student – violating the most sacred basic human trust. i mean, would he?

  22. Wade says:

    University students turn their backs on Trudeau.

    The pictures if Trudeau in the school album in a kilt sitting on a chair with his legs far and wide apart in front of children he had positioned their on the ground makes a creepy picture. Sounds like a dress code and values problem. Trudeau has been exposed or was exposed.

    Sheer and Jasmeet are spitting the vote

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