12.07.2020 12:46 PM

Pandemic prediction

From yesterday.


  1. Steve Teller says:

    Yep, and we will thereby commence the bickering and name-calling as every special interest group across the country lobbies as to why they are special and should get first dibs.

    If you want evidence of this, just look here at Manitoba where our premier stated the obvious about vaccines to First Nations; there are unintended consequences if our provincial allotment is low while we have an absolute amount we have dedicated to First Nations. We need to get an adjusted amount from the feds, to account for the fact that we have a high percent of on-reserve First Nations residents.

    Predictably, the First Nations representatives called these comments “racist” (uh, how??), and accused Pallister of race-baiting. Translation? Don’t ever question what we get, or how we get it, or we will burn you as a racist.

    Now extend this to every special interest group across the country, who will allege they deserve a special place in line, or else there is racism / sexism / homophobia / anti-disability / age-ism / anti-this and that / etc / etc..

    Get ready!

  2. The brilliant part is, even if all this fearmongering proves false, people will still feel the anger at the Liberals, even if the justification disappears.

  3. joe long says:

    Trudeau said Canada would get up to 249,000 doses.

    Note the words “up to”.

    Trudeau and his Liberal cohorts said Canada did not have a vaccine presently because Canada doesn’t have “any domestic production capacity for vaccines”. In this Trudeau and his cohorts lied.

    Mr Trudeau has a tendency to lie. He has a tendency to promise big things and fail to deliver. When he fails, he blames others.

    We’ll see if the media calls him on his lies and broken promises, but $600 million for the media and what is it $1.2 billion for the CBC, buys a lot of forgiveness.

  4. joe long says:

    Justin proudly announces some vaccine is coming. Now who gets it?

    Health care workers?

    Workers in long term care facilities?

    Oh, and what is being done to determine the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women?

    • Yes, those are the people provinces have determined should get it first.

      No, the vaccine has not been tested on children and pregnant women and they should not take it.

      • joe long says:


        My question was what is being done to determine the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women?

        Perhaps the answer is nothing. That might be the correct answer. We may end up having to rely on herd immunity to protect pregnant women.

        But shouldn’t Trudeau tell us this? Vaccine distribution is the responsibility of each province. But the federal government has the job of vaccine approval for all Canadians.

        How long do we have to wait for prime minister ‘never answer a question’ to be forthcoming?

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Have you seen this Prime Minister’s performance capability in QP anytime lately? To ask the question is to answer it: ahem, eh, uh, etc. On his best day a StumbleFest. Pretty pathetic when you’ve only been in the job since 2015. Since Telford is hopeless, where’s the Butts coaching when you desperately need it?

  5. Humminbirdcqy says:

    European glory, and even after

  6. Marshallwhk says:

    mostly in monasteries.

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