04.27.2021 04:39 PM

These are my people

Seriously. They actually are.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Nothing quite like a long history of bona fide shit disturbing! Makes me wish I had some of that Kinsella blood.

  2. irreversible road map to freedom says:

    Such an awesome photo…. Frustration, despair and determination all captured in the same shot. I had ancestors in almost the exact same predicament… Sometimes when settlers are trying to understand Indigenous issues, I think they need to reflect on their own family history in times like that.

  3. RKJ says:

    Thanks for sharing – a special picture indeed. As IRMF notes, the picture brings thoughts of many other similar situations, past and present. Expectations for reliable land and property ownership/tenure rights are core to a stable and prosperous society.

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