06.13.2013 08:38 AM

Media male sexist pigs: this week’s edition

Politicians making sexist comments? Happens too often, and the media rightly condemn it when it does.

Now, what about the media making sexist comments about female politicians?

I’d like to see our media condemn that, too.


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    Jim says:

    Aren’t you the guy who said that a female MPP should be “at home baking cookies”?

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      Warren says:

      Yes, I was. And it was a bad joke I made, I was rightly pilloried for it, and I made multiple apologies – and still do, 6 years after the fact.

      Now, what’s your real name?

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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Warren, we are in a media war right now, there are at least two sides one that wants to tell the news and commit journalism and one that wants to tell stories and commit propaganda. What we need to see is integrity in journalism, the kind of Murrow, the kind portrayed in the newsroom show on t.v. , and yes I see the irony in the media using a t.v. show to show people how the media should look but usually don’t. We need simplicity, right and wrong spelt out for the average person. The average person is good, but gets caught up cheerleading a brand not the product behind the brand. It’s the ambiguity that is really killing the profession called journalism, even journalists don’t know right from wrong anymore. I appreciate those journalists who do the job, especially war correspondents who go to the limit, we need to recruit to the front line of journalism those who have seen regimes rise and fall, who have seen them taken down, who understand the lengths a regime will go to in order to maintain power and those who have witnessed atrocities. We need journalism that is right in your face, saying that is a lie when one is told and exposing the truth where it is hidden. In the last month or so we started to see journalists pick up their socks, it is good that you expose it when you see it, but you like other journalists need a better forum to do so and Canadians need to start listening and learning from the right sources. Otherwise the spin doctors, political scientists, Machiavellian’s and Manchurians will be running the show, instead of The People.

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    Ann C says:

    Hey Arnold Murphy

    You ve stated brilliantly what I ve been crying about for years now. Thank you and from your fingers to??????????

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    Christian Conservative says:

    Sadly, par for the course for this guy… I’ve dealt with him over the phone far too often. Had to call his editors on him, bordering on harassment.

    He’s not a journalist… he’s a THUG. And as it turns out, you can get journalism awards for that kind of behaviour now…

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      JH says:

      Agreed! Pointed out the Frank thing before and the media award is just a joke!
      Gallup says 75% do not trust media’s honesty or ethics.
      Are you surprised?

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    Hello There says:

    Let’s be consistent here: there is one man in the Parliamentary Press Gallery who consistently makes rude comments about female MPs clothing, body shape, and breasts. Example:

    ‘There were a few more missteps, however, including Sylvie Boucher’s rather… odd greenish “jacket” over a grey-green dress with an emphasis on her cleavage (and perhaps she needs a better-fitting bra – especially for a dress like that).’



    “The style citation goes out to Conservative MP Cathy McLeod, who needs to learn that an oversized jacket and three-quarter-length sleeves do no favours for a woman of her body shape.”


    This guy – Dale Smith – has been saying stuff like this for years. He gets a free pass because he’s gay. He really should not. I eagerly await your opprobrium. Just kidding, you’ll let it slide, because you’re ticketyboo with snarky sexist comments as long as they come from gay men.

    But you are! Prove otherwise.

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    George Pringle says:

    MacGregor was behind the Caroline Mulroney story and he was hired by a real media company? I won’t believe any of his stories any longer. I’m surprised he wasn’t jailed for that article.

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      Cynical says:

      Unfortunately, even stopped clocks….

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    John says:

    Look, Mark Bourrie is back using false names.


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    Rick Thomson says:

    People who comment on anything, should use their real names.

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