01.07.2016 09:19 AM

The OPP: incompetent and unethical

Per the below posts about my pal Laura Miller, here and here, looky here! The OPP – into whose conduct a misconduct hearing has been ordered for possible perjury in testimony givenĀ about Laura – have a history.

One of Laura’s inquisitors, for example, is OPP Detective Brian Mason. And Mason is the same guy who made all kinds of wild allegations about another political person, former Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien.

Remember all that? And O’Brien – after a huge personal expense, and after having to step down temporarily, and after the OPP put him and his family through the frigging grinder – was acquitted. Exonerated. Remember that well, Ontario PCs now stupidly cheering on Mason et al.

The officers of the OPP: they never get their man (or woman). But they’ll sure as Hell try and bankrupt you along the way.


  1. doconnor says:

    After reading the article, “I am unable to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed a criminal offence.” is a better description then “exonerated” for O’Brien, who was really a Rob Ford-light kind of politician who promised massive unspecified savings and cancelled LRT projects as great expense.

  2. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    Warren, the real question is why have the Liberals become so conservative when it comes to the Police & Teachers Unions?

    Why does your Ontario Liberal party remain irrationally committed to prostrating itself before the Police and Teacher’s union bosses? I’m trying not to be facetious, I really am asking you, why does the Ontario Liberal party continue to support these organizations above all other interests in the province, particularly Joe & Jane taxpayer?

    You know the people in your party much better than I do. What is it about police, teachers, and fire fighters that causes your friends to lose control of their ability to lead? This is a public policy crisis that is distorting economic decision making throughout the province and risking everything we have built here. I may not vote Liberal, but my neighbours do, and you do. None of you seem like fading violets to me, why not use your authority to get control of this situation?

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