02.17.2016 08:31 AM

From the bulging “junenile insults” file: Kid Kodak lashes out

My sense he is unhappy about not being reappointed. Um. Er.

Here’s his (typically) tweeted response to Your Humble Narrator’s post of yesterday, which he posted at three o’clock in the morning. I’ve done a screen shot of it in case he decides to disappear it into the Internet ether:


What’s he referring to, there? Well, he and his cabal made a complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada, no less, to have me disbarred for being critical of him. I’m not making this up. 

As I this morning told a fine National Post reporter (who has also been attacked by Marin), if the Law Society accepts this bogus complaint, they will be setting a very dangerous precedent – for themselves. They’ll thereafter get an avalanche of complaints about lawyers getting mad at refs at hockey games, lawyers having marital problems, lawyers’ personal Facebook posts, lawyers getting tipsy at Christmas parties. If you accept one complaint about non-lawyering activity, you have to accept all of them. It will be a disaster.

I was critical of Marin because I think he is a vain, thin-skinned bully. Because I think he didn’t act like a representative of the Legislature, he acted like a six-year-old with a bad temper. Because the senior people around him facilitated all that.

I was critical because Marin and his senior team have been the subject of several human rights complaints, all settled with secrecy agreements. Because he used public money to buy himself wide-screen TVs for his home and body wash and whatnot. Because he has given contracts worth a quarter million dollars to a friend. And because he – a quasi-judicial officer of the Legislature, with more power than any judge or MPP – repeatedly acted like a child on social media.

Every newspaper in Ontario, pretty much, has editorialized against him at one time or another, and for good reason. Good riddance, we say. And good luck with your attempt to silence your critics, pal – same sort of thing isn’t working so well in Alberta for Rachel Notley, is it?

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  1. nobonus4nonis says:

    having had my dealings with the flaw society of ontario you’d pretty much have to draw and quarter Bambi in Dundas Square during the Santa Claus parade to get them to even notice you.

    you were born to disturb shit Kinsella so carry on :0)

  2. Wookieballs says:

    Correction: Not all human rights complaints have been settled. There is still at least 1 human rights case and 1 grievance outstanding. Still lots of fodder for more drama.

  3. Wookieballs says:

    So he has gone from simply being an emperor, “Emperor Andy” (aka Napoleon) to actually being an “Empire” onto himself!? What a junenile [sic] sole [sic] this guy is!

    It’s really hard to tell if it was his ego problem or his spelling problem that prevented his rehire.

  4. Matt says:

    Shouldn’t a lawyer know how to spell juvenile?

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In my province, we keep things simple: you need said client, who confers said mandate. Otherwise, le syndic n’a pas de jurisdiction.

  6. Robert Viera says:

    You would think that the LSUC has better things to look into, like then-lawyer, now Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown’s role in a failed immigration scheme:


  7. skeptical says:

    What would he do if you were not a lawyer?
    Are there different ethical rules for persons who are not members of the bar?
    Where would his leverage be?
    Why would your membership in the Law Society give him special leverage?
    Just wondering.
    Good luck here. Sounds like the guy is a complete f****** wanker.

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