, 03.07.2018 08:50 AM

Kevin J. Johnston’s hate tour – let’s cancel it

Late yesterday, I was sent this:

The piece of human garbage pictured, on the right, is Kevin J. Johnson. (That’s a swastika on his poster, to the left.)  Lately, he’s been showing up at Doug Ford events. Johnston was charged in July with wilful promotion of hatred, mostly against Muslims.  A condition of his bail was that he stay away from any Muslim mosque or community centre.

That bail condition is why I was suspicious by Johnston’s apparent intention to speak at the Brampton Islamic Centre on March 21.

But better safe than sorry.  So, we got word out to our contacts nationally in the Muslim, Jewish, LGBT and other communities.  We needed those centres/locations contacted, as soon as possible, to shut this bastard down.

So my online friends got to work.  Here’s the latest:

  • Simcoe County District School Board investigated and said no way.  Thank you to them.
  • Sudbury – the good folks there have told us no such event is taking place at a Greater Sudbury library or City facility.  Here.
  • Cornwall Collegiate – likewise.  The advertised hate fest “will not take place,” they told us.
  • Barrie’s Mayor, the terrific Jeff Lehman, also made clear this racist thug wouldn’t be welcome in his town, as seen here.

The Sleeping Giants approach works, folks.  Contact the people in charge at the locations listed on the poster.  Be factual, polite and make the direct request: that (a) they confirm no such event is taking place under his or some other name and (b) that, if it is, they shut it down.  That’s it.

Need your help, folks.  Please get involved.  Thanks.


  1. Peter says:

    Where did he get the idea that John Gotti would make a good poster boy for Aryan supremacy?

  2. Richard says:

    Warren, thanks for your ongoing work on stopping hate propaganda. I emailed the Winnipeg Public Library and they confirmed they have no such booking (none of the library branches are even open at that time).

  3. Sean says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I would never vote for Doug Ford.

  4. Standstraight says:

    So the National Muslim March last week intent on promoting hatred towards Jews and Christians is okay with YOU right Warren? Don’t see you speaking out against that now do we? While the Far-Right is dangerous even more so is the Far-Left elements of the NWO and deep state. I sense you fall into that category as you seem to have no issue with BLM (a terrorist group) Hamas (another terrorist group) and ANTIFA! People like you disgust me!

  5. Allan Simpson says:

    Thank you for standing up

    We cannot let the world fall back into the 1930s ever again against any group of humanity


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