, 11.27.2019 07:36 PM

Daisy Group bomb threat: do you recognize the guy threatening to kill us and the police?

This afternoon at Daisy Group, right after this, one of my staff received a bomb threat.

We evacuated everyone at Daisy, and let our neighbours know, as well.  We waited on the sidewalk on Bloor West. The police came and, as I was going through the building with them, looking for anything that shouldn’t be there, another one of my staff got called by the would-be bomber on his personal cell phone.

The police sergeant encouraged me to talk with this guy, while we taped it.  On the recording, you’ll hear him claim to be a member of the neo-Nazi Soldiers of Odin – but he’s a liar.  The SOO would never claim responsibility for a bomb threat, or make a threat to kill police when he knew they were listening in.  And he didn’t even know the name of the founder of the SOO – and every member knows that.

As you can hear on the tape, however, he knew some details about us, and he sounds determined to cause damage.  It was his demands that were most revealing – that I go on TV and admit that we were paid “foreign actors” (that typically means Jews) – to disrupt the People’s Party campaign.

CBC won’t cover this, of course, because they’re far more interested in depicting the racist PPC as victims, or writing about our personal lives to hurt us, after pretending to be sympathetic. But it’s obvious to us, at least, that a PPC supporter made the threats against us and the police.

And, as a result, this coward showed why – better than we ever could – Daisy Group was right to work to defeat the extremist People’s Party in the election.  Which some people have told us we did.

If this guy’s voice sounds familiar to you – or the odd phrasings he uses (“kleptocracy,” “foreign actors,” “Nuremberg Laws,” etc.) – you can contact me via warren AT daisygroup DOT ca, and I will pass it along to the police officers who are handling this case.  Thanks.

The recording is here:


  1. Larry Onofrychuk says:

    CBC won’t cover it.

    What a POS CBC has become.

    • Mark D says:

      Warren, as much as I enjoy watching you expose CBC, given the serious nature of a directed bomb threat I think everyone’s concern here is the wellbeing of you and your staff.

      Especially since the individual knew the cell phone number of your staff and was trying to pin it on another extremist group.

      Please let us know everyone on your end is okay, and that law enforcement is taking the investigation seriously.

    • Pipes says:

      The only time I listen or watch the CBC is when my cottage coat hanger attenna isnt working and its pouring rain and I cant nap.

      As far as this POS terrorist goes-he’ll get what he deserves. Stick this on Crime Stoppers and the dick heads mommy will turn him in.

  2. PJH says:

    I initially supported Mad Max for leader of the CPOC over Andrew Scheer. I thought he was more “electable”, but when I found out he was in favour of removing supply management for Canada’s dairy farmers(I live in a community where dairy production is a large part of the local economy) I dropped that idea like a bad habit. Now I realize he not only was a poor loser, with wacko policies, but that the man draws far right loonies to himself and his “Peoples Party” like flies to shit. I applaud your efforts in exposing the “People’s Party” and hope that it will wind up in the dustbin o’ Canadian political history in short order.

  3. Paul says:

    I am so disgusted when I listen to this bottom feeding troglodyte threaten you and all the people who work at Daisy group. The POS’s that you exposed in Web of Hatred seem to have spawned illiterate and Fascist sprogs, several of whom seem to be gathering in the West to push their so called Wexit, which seems very mono-culture when one looks at the crowds they attract. We need strong political and social leadership all over this nation. The false prophets need to be rejected.

  4. I doubt we’ll be hearing from Bernier anytime soon.

  5. PAM LEVY says:

    There is something very odd about this. CBC not covering it?
    A personal cell phone number used? Hopefully the police will join the dots. You have a lot of people in your corner. Hang in there!

  6. Steve T says:

    Not much more to say that hasn’t been said by others here, but just wanting to add a voice of support for you and your team.

  7. Neil McKay says:

    I’m not surprised, sadly, that you would be the recipient of such terrorist trash. The Internet was supposed to be a great educator and facilitator of democratic discourse. It hasn’t worked out that way, which was entirely predictable to those of us who understand human nature. Where human progress goes, so follows evil.
    I am puzzled why you blocked me on Twitter when I was supporting your work against Bernier. Perhaps you misinterpreted the post on @dneilmckay when I stated that you, Harper , and Israel being hated was not a surprise to me. That was not meant as agreement with the haters.
    In any case, I send my best wishes to you and your staff at Daisy, and hope that no one is intimidated by PPC or other extremist scum.

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