“Warren Kinsella's book, ‘Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse,’ is of vital importance for American conservatives and other right-leaning individuals to read, learn and understand.”

- The Washington Times

“One of the best books of the year.”

- The Hill Times

“Justin Trudeau’s speech followed Mr. Kinsella’s playbook on beating conservatives chapter and verse...[He followed] the central theme of the Kinsella narrative: “Take back values. That’s what progressives need to do.”

- National Post

“[Kinsella] is a master when it comes to spinning and political planning...”

- George Stroumboulopoulos, CBC TV

“Kinsella pulls no punches in Fight The Right...Fight the Right accomplishes what it sets out to do – provide readers with a glimpse into the kinds of strategies that have made Conservatives successful and lay out a credible roadmap for progressive forces to regain power.”

- Elizabeth Thompson, iPolitics

“[Kinsella] deserves credit for writing this book, period... he is absolutely on the money...[Fight The Right] is well worth picking up.”

- Huffington Post

“Run, don't walk, to get this amazing book.”

- Mike Duncan, Classical 96 radio

“Fight the Right is very interesting and - for conservatives - very provocative.”

- Former Ontario Conservative leader John Tory

“His new book is great! All of his books are great!”

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

“I absolutely recommend this book.”

- Paul Wells, Maclean’s

“Kinsella puts the Left on the right track with new book!”

- Calgary Herald

From next week’s column. I’m rather enthusiastic about political alliterations, as Gerald Butts and Don Guy know too well:

But we’ll give you this much, Kev.  You were uncharacteristically candid when you withdrew from the race at one of those clichéd hastily-called press conferences.  You were honest.  You had reflected, you said, and you and your advisors had concluded you just couldn’t beat Justin Trudeau. (Parenthetically, you should have reflected on the fact, too, that your top advisor was at a soulless, Satanic “consulting firm” that, inter alia, cooked up the fake incubator babies story to justify the Persian Gulf War. But we digress.)

And it was true: you weren’t going to ever, ever beat Justin Trudeau.  He was going to put you – a bloviating blowhard, a misanthropic misogynist, a down-market Donald – through the political Cuisinart.  He was going to shred you to pieces, and make soup out of you, Sharky. 

Screw Facebook. If I’m going to do this, I’m doing it in my house. With a twist. 

  • Sex Pistols
  • The Clash
  • The Ramones
  • Ted Nugent
  • The Police
  • Pennywise 
  • Bad Religion
  • KISS
  • Green Day
  • Blink 182

If true, this thing is over, no? 

Lisa is moderating.

I think it will be an interesting debate, because of the quality of the participants – but also, speaking personally, I’ve got a family member who is a longtime smoker who has sworn to me that this technology is going to save his/her life.

Should be interesting.

And we need your help! If you oppose hate showing up in your mailbox, get in touch!

Warren Kinsella shows some of the graphic images found in Your Ward News (Lorenda Reddekopp, CBC News)

Political consultant Warren Kinsella is one of the people complaining about the paper, which is edited and published by James Sears and Laurence St. Germaine.

“There’s the use of the n-word, there’s racism on every page, it is the most disgusting thing.”

To prove his point, Kinsella showed examples from old editions he photocopied. One image portrays a Jew as a dog; another shows an image of Jesus sexually assaulting a woman.

While the publication is based in the Toronto area, he says this review is important for all Canadians.

“We need to say Canada Post should not be distributing hatred; Canada Post should not be allowed to distribute racism.”


Today at 10 a.m., at a hearing room on the third floor at 4900 Yonge Street in Toronto, a special panel will start hearings into whether Canada Post should be delivering a pro-Nazi, Holocaust-denying hate sheet called Your Ward News. Lisa, Richard Warman, Bernie Farber, me and many others take the position that it shouldn’t. Some of us will be there for the first hearing.

There will likely be quite a few white supremacists and Hitler freaks there, too, to cause trouble, and to intimidate people. That’s what they do.

If you agree with us – if you agree that an agent of the Crown should not be helping to deliver hate to peoples’ mailboxes – we would be honoured to receive your support. Say so in comments, below, or contact us via our web page.

Images of the sort of garbage we are talking about are below.  Above: the “N” word, tributes to Hitler, and a column by a Heritage Front leader who was recently charged with attempted murder.  Below: Jews depicted as dogs, gays called Satanic, and Christ sexually assaulting a girl.


Here is this morning’s big news, from the Post’s Drew Hasselback, which will take bread off the table for 25,000 Canadian families, most of them in British Columbia:

Canada vows to fight ‘unfair and punitive duty’ as Trump slaps tariff on softwood lumber

And here is a headline from a short while ago, from the Star, about the BC NDP’s pals in Unifor:

Trump’s tough talk good news, says Canadian auto union

These big union fools specifically said they favoured Trump’s  trade policies.  That’s what they said.  And now those selfsame policies are going to put thousands of British Columbians out of work.

The BC NDP has allied itself with big union bosses, which is their business.  But when they ally themselves with the “president” who is killing Canadian jobs – and thousands of jobs in B.C. – it’s everybody’s business.


We thought you should all see how the Mighty Finn™ approaches the back yard.