Rob Ford: I had nothing to do with a murder

What’s amazing isn’t that Mayor Crackhead – he who gives little kids the finger, pisses in public parks, and drinks and drives near schoolyards – denies he killed a young man.

What’s amazing is that the question even has to be asked, as it was here.

You (and the police, hopefully, ultimately) can try and ascertain the truth. In the meantime, here’s a video in which Rob Ford talks about, you know, killing someone.

Here’s a magazine cover I thought I’d never see


But I understand why Rolling Stone did it.  This guy – as I said to my former Boss last week, a notable progressive leader himself – is the most famous progressive leader in the world.  If he is not stopped from carrying out long, long overdue reforms, I now believe Pope Francis can change the Catholic world – and, perhaps, the greater world beyond that.

I am a regular church-going Catholic (lately, twice a week) – and I favour the ordination of women, the recognition of Catholic gay marriage, and women’s reproductive freedom.  I’ve always been in a Catholic minority (I think) because of that, but the smiling guy up above is giving me hope that may not always be the case.

Comments are welcome, as always.  But be civil, or you’ll be excommunicated from this web site.


A year ago this week

The anniversary passed and I didn’t even notice. I suspect I’m not alone, in that regard. Telling.

A year ago, a friend of many years – a friend I’d cut off family vacations to help out, a friend I’d violated confidences to protect, a friend I considered a brother – looked me in the eye and said: “Don’t worry. We’ll go the Tories before we’d support her.”

He wasn’t only one telling big lies last January, but he’s the one I won’t forgive or forget. In politics, the only currencies that count are loyalty and trust. Nothing else matters.

Another political truism I live by is this one: something that starts in easy lies always ends in hard truths. And a hard, hard rain is coming for you, RW, and I will celebrate it when it does.

Why is the Ontario government placing 800 kids at risk?

Just saw this.  Happening in Northumberland – Cobourg, Brighton, all around there – right now, this week.

This is outrageous.  Eight hundred kids! Where is the Opposition, where are the other media?

This kind of move is insanity – and in an election year, no less.  I plan to dig further into this one, but does anyone else have background to share?



Left-Right political dichotomies

Well-written, but based entirely on a false premise.

The only people who believe that Left-Right political analysis matters anymore are journalists and politicos.  To your average person – to Joe and Jane Frontporch – life just isn’t that cut and dried.  A person can favour slashing government spending, but not for any of the programs they like.  They can support getting tough on crime, while shrugging about a mayor who smokes crack.  They will be enthusiastic about more and better transit, but not ever about finding ways to pay for it.

People – voters – are walking, talking contradictions.  They don’t ever classify themselves as on the Right or the Left, but they certainly swing from one side to the other, all the time.  Without thinking they’re hypocritical, without being the least bit concerned about a lack of consistency.

Left and Right are concepts for the chattering classes.  Which is why the chattering classes so often get the masses wrong.