L’affaire Jaffer

Apart from everything else – the false claim to still be an MP, the alleged influence-peddling, the association with men under police investigation, the fact that cocaine was in his possession and the fact that he was driving under the influence – this Toronto Star report is going to make for a complicated day (or days) in a number of offices, in Ottawa, Toronto and out in Caledon. It is an extraordinary piece of investigative reporting.

Straight-up, no commentary, no bullshit: it was a joy to read, even if the subject matter should anger everyone.

Rahim Jaffer, your time in the spotlight ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

The “strategy” that isn’t

The Reformatories believe they will attract Catholics and “traditional” Christians to their side of the ballot with their retrograde policies on maternal health. They won’t. Notwithstanding Hilary Clinton’s statements on the issue, or the fact that every single Conservative MP showed their utter disdain for the health of women in the Third World, what matters is this: the Harper regime has grossly miscalculated, here.  As a pro-choice Catholic, I can state that they will pay a political price for it.


Catholic group urges PM to include abortion in G8 initiative

Source: The Canadian Press

Apr 7, 2010 8:10
TORONTO  – A Catholic group is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to include family planning in a G8 initiative on maternal and child health.

In a letter to Harper, the group Catholics for Choice argues that access to abortion services is a basic human right and a matter of social justice.

The group adds that maternal mortality can be alleviated through wide access to reproductive health care services.

Harper has so far refused to include abortion in his initiative on maternal health to be presented at the G8 summit in Huntsville, Ont., in June.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said in late March that this stance has turned into an international embarrassment for Canada.

The federal government says contraception will be part of the G8 initiative but that it won’t re-open the abortion debate.


Global warming’s a myth, eh?

I just got word that the ice on the lake where my cabin’s located – and, apparently, hundreds of other lakes in Ontario – “went out” on the weekend. As in, it’s gone.

This is an unprecedented event, something that few can remember happening before: the ice melting away a full month early.

For me, this means participation in Friday Power Play shows will end a month earlier than scheduled – and, of course, I’ll get to enjoy the cabin for a full extra month.

For the planet, however, it may be not so good.

W@AL: the Party Animal reveals all

Over the years, I’ve heard some wonderful stories from CTV drivers about having to pick up guests and on-air personalities who were, well, a bit in the bag. They’d been up really really late, or partying, doing what journalists on expense accounts like to do, and they’d almost miss their pick-up time, or look like a sack of shinola, or both.

Anyway: this morning, I was awoken by someone loudly knocking on my door. “Your CTV driver is here! Wake up!” they said. You’ve never seen a guy get dressed that fast.

Here’s a little video done in the car, post-Question Period, in which I confess what it was that kept me up so late.  It’s shocking.

Eeeeeeearrrgh (updated, with happy ending)

Quite a few of you are going to laugh about this, I suspect.

On my brand-new shiny iPad, when I tap on the “Apps Store” – where I was promised untold delights awaited me – I get this:

So, um, now what? I can’t create a US iTunes account because I’m in, well, Canada.

So what now, Team Propellerhead?

Also, if I throw the iPad like a frisbee, will it bounce?

UPDATE: By purchasing a Vanilla MasterCard at Shopper’s, and creating a US-based iTunes account, the thing now works just tickety-boo. Here, then, is a W@AL vid on the stuff I like about it: