BREAKING: confidential LPC talking points on blackface scandal leaked


  • He comes from privilege. He’s rich. Rich people get to play by different rules.
  • It happened long ago. Want to see our Scheer video from a decade ago?
  • All of us have done something egregiously racist when we were kids. You know, at the age of 30.
  • Judge Justin by his record on opposing racism in Canada,even though racism is the worst it’s been in several decades.
  • Justin may have bought her drinks in a bar one night,but Andrew Scheer rode an elevator with Faith Goldy once.
  • Case by case, intersectionality, deeply sorry, blab blah blah.

Oh my God

A regular reader just wrote to me.

“Warren, look at the video again. The cameraman pans down on Trudeau.”

“Yeah? So?”

“Warren, Trudeau shoved something down the front of his pants. Because…”

“Oh my God.”

My latest: Justin Trudeau likens black people to apes. Don’t let him get away with that.

An ape?

The video is grainy. It’s blurry, and it’s hard to make out who is in it.

But we don’t have to guess. The Liberal Party of Canada has confirmed to Global News – which released the video on Thursday morning – that it depicts Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party and the Prime Minister of Canada.

Acting like an ape.

In the video, he’s covered (again) in blackface. He really worked at it, too: he made certain to smear dark make-up on his face, neck, ears, arms. Even his legs. We can see through the holes in his jeans that he did that.

There are three photographs, now, of Trudeau in blackface. One from his high school days in Montreal, and two from a party at the high school he taught at in Vancouver. With his hand on an unidentified young woman’s chest.

He was about thirty in that last photo. He was someone who taught kids – who was supposed to be setting an example for kids.

But we digress. Back to the video.

In the video, Justin Trudeau is seen for only a few fleeting seconds. There’s no sound. But it is unmistakable what the future Prime Minister of Canada and his pals are doing.

Trudeau’s acting like an ape. Sticking out his tongue, waving around his arms, shuffling around like a simian would, in a zoo or a jungle or something.

I showed the video to my shocked colleagues when they came into the office. Two of them are card-carrying Liberals. They agree with me: Justin Trudeau was in blackface, acting like an ape.

Now, why would he do that?

Brent Staples is a member of the editorial board of the New York Times. Around the time Roseanne Barr called an advisor to Barack Obama the progeny of an ape, Staples wrote an extensive study about that. About how racists like to depict black people as apes.

Like Justin Trudeau did.

Here’s Staples: “[It’s] one of the oldest and most profoundly racist slanders in American history…This depiction — promoted by slave traders, historians and practitioners of “scientific” racism — was used to justify slavery, lynching and the creation of the Jim Crow state…[It’s] the ape caricature.”

Throwing bananas at black public figures. Making noises like apes at public events. Calling Michelle Obama “an ape in heels.” It’s all aimed at one simple, incontrovertible message: that black people are animals. That they are less than whites. That they belong in cages.

At this point – and with the Trudeau in blackface leading newscasts around the planet – the evidence cannot be rebutted: the Prime Minister of Canada, as man and not just a boy, traded in the foulest racist stereotypes. He thought it was funny. He thought he could get away with it.

So, that’s him: he’s the scum of the Earth. He doesn’t deserve to be elected dogcatcher, let alone a Prime Minister of a G7 country.

Oddly, the issue isn’t him. It’s now the members of the Liberal Party. It’s us.

Will Liberal MPs now publicly condemn their “leader,” as I counselled two distressed Grit MPs to do this morning? They must.

And, Canadians, too, have a decision to make. Will we let him get away with it? Trudeau and his loathsome coterie are laying low, clearly believing this all will blow over in time. And it might, you know.

It is up to us – Canadians – to say: not good enough. Not on. Not this time.

Justin Trudeau – the goddamned Prime Minister of Canada – is on a video, this morning, joking that black people are, you know, apes.

This man is unfit. We, Canadians, must line up on October 21 and reject him and his ways.

We must.

A Hill staffer writes

Name withheld on request.

Hey Warren, now seems like a good time to tell the story of Justin Trudeau on Oct 22, 2014, the day of the shooting on the Hill.

Long story short, everyone had been moved into the 5th floor cafeteria in Centre Block. Mostly staff and media cause CPC and NDP caucus had already begun by the time of the lockdown. But LPC caucus starts later so they were having their pre-caucus meeting in their leader’s office on the 6th floor.

They moved everyone to caf throughout the day before evacuation later that night. Anyway, at one point an East Asian man walked in to the cafeteria. He had a big beard and wore a turban.

Trudeau jumped up and joked rather loudly; “Hey there you are. You know they’re looking for you out there. Hey you’re making everyone in here nervous!”

He obviously knew the man, he was a liberal staffer. The man seemed to take the joke well but that’s not really the point. Those of us who heard it looked at each other in shock.

But who will believe Conservative staffers? There were staff, MPs and media in the room. I know people heard it too. Most media were on phones doing radio hits so maybe they didn’t hear it. Anyway that’s the story from that day. Sorry for the novel.