Recipe for Hate in Quill and Quire: “suspenseful page-turner”!

Quite a few folks mentioned this Quill and Quire review to me at the Windsor Bookfest this weekend. I was grateful the Bookfest folks invited me – and that Biblioasis sold as many copies of the book as they did!

Here’s Quill and Quire:

  • “Kinsella skilfully blends convincing depictions of both the punk scene and the racist underground…”
  • “The novel is a suspenseful page-turner that also gives considerable food for thought, anchored in realistically drawn characters and an eye for significant detail.”
  • “…its significance to contemporary life and social schisms is powerful and impossible to ignore.”
  • “…Kinsella captures the political underpinnings of the [punk] movement – a surprising reminder of hope in these dark days.”

You can get your copy of Recipe For Hate  here and here. Meanwhile, my publisher, Dundurn Press, tells me they have shipped a historically-high number of books to the U.S.!


“The Charter protects all Canadians, every one of us, even when it is uncomfortable.”

Justin Trudeau said that, back in July, when he was asked about his government paying $10 million to Omar Khadr.  It’s a quote: “The Charter protects all Canadians, everyone of us, even when it is uncomfortable.”

And here’s what Justin Trudeau said three months later, when the Quebec Legislature passed a racist law, a “law” that everyone agrees targets Muslim women: “It’s not up to the federal government to challenge this.”  That’s a quote, too.

Stirring words about the Charter back then, mealy-mouth cowardice now.  What’s changed?

Well, time has gone by.  To be sure.  In that time, the planet’s leading Islamophobe, Donald Trump, has made serial attempts to pass similarly anti-Muslim laws.  During that time, however, Justin Trudeau has made clear he disagrees with Trump. “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” he tweeted, the first time Trump tried to bar refugees from Muslim countries.

In recent months, too, expressions of hatred targeting Muslims (and Jews, and others) has surged in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  Right around the time Trudeau was giving everyone a civics lesson about the Constitution, in fact, Statistics Canada revealed that hate crimes against Muslims had exploded by 60 per cent, when compared to previous years.  The problem has gotten worse, not better.

So, Trudeau’s whiplash-inducing reversal on the applicability of the Charter to difficult cases isn’t because of (a) the passage of time, or (b) because things have gotten any easier for Muslims.  No, it has to be something else.

All it can be, of course, is this: seats.  Quebec has 78, and Justin Trudeau won 40 of them in 2015.  He thinks that, if his government challenges the National Assembly’s indisputably racist law, he’ll lose some or all of those seats.  That’s the only reason he isn’t matching his previously-inspiring words with action.

Talk minus action equals zero, one of my Canadian punk rock friends like to say, and that is what Justin Trudeau and his government presently amount to: zero.

Either you believe in the Constitution, or you don’t.  Either you believe people have an inalienable right to peacefully express their deepest religious views, or you don’t.  Either you are against hatred, or you aren’t.

You know what makes me want to puke about all this?  It’s that, in the months he has been in power, not even a racist like Donald Trump has dared to pass a law telling women what they can wear.  Not even him.

I am so disgusted by the federal Liberal Party – by its gutlessness, by its venality, by its dishonesty – that words (almost) fail me.

Oh, and for you Liberals who are moved to write in, and defend what Justin Trudeau has done because of politics: don’t bother.  Because, when a veil-wearing Muslim Mom with two little kids is kicked off a Quebec City bus in January, when it is forty below, your fucking bullshit about “politics” isn’t going to keep her and her kids very warm, is it?  No, it isn’t.

Somewhere, this morning, Donald Trump is reading his clippings, and nodding.

“Attaboy, Justin,” he’s saying.  “Attaboy.”

Recipe For Hate is out!

Was just at Dundurn Press (and I’m now at the Patrician Grill to celebrate, where else) and they gave me a pile of copies of my new book, Recipe For Hate – and the good folks there told me that they’ve received a historically-huge order of the book from the US!

Off to the Windsor Bookfest tomorrow, and also to teach a creative writing class at Windsor’s Walkerville Collegiate! Hope to see you there. 

Here we go!

Would you invite a neo-Nazi to your house? (Updated! Happy ending!)

Of course you wouldn’t.

But Ontario’s three main political parties did. A committee comprised of all the main parties in the Ontario Legislature have given Canada’s leading white supremacist an opportunity to speak to them about abortion.

I’m not making this up.

Paul Fromm is one of the most notorious haters on the planet. A sampling of his past:

• He is director of the Council for Conservative Citizens, which the Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes as a white supremacist group

• He has been a host of a show on the neo-Nazi platform Stormfront, which is run by the former leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

• He was a founder of both the Edmund Burke Society and the Western Guard, racist groups which morphed into the Ku Klux Klan in Canada

• He has been filmed speaking at an event honouring the Order, a homicidal neo-Nazi Aryan Nations offshoot, at which he led a crowd shouting “Sieg Heil!,” “white power,” “Hail The Order!,” and “nigger, nigger, nigger, out out out,” while performing the Nazi salute

And, now, Ontario’s Liberals, Conservatives and NDP have asked him too speak about the planned abortion clinic “bubble zone” law.

Seriously. They did that.

If you want to oppose this, you can email Kathleen Wynne, who I know will be appalled by this rank stupidity. Patrick Brown and Andrea Horwath, too. Their emails are:


Raise your voice. That is the only way to fight hate – and to educate those who should know better.

UPDATE: I am told Patrick Brown just got Fromm kicked out.  Well done!

Publishers Weekly: Recipe for Hate “riveting…an unflinching page-turner”!

Publisher’s Weekly is the book trade publication in the United States.  As Wikipedia notes, it is the “American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers and literary agents. Published continuously since 1872, it has carried the tagline, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling”.

And I have never had one of my books mentioned in it.  Like, ever.

But here’s what they have said about my new one, Recipe for Hate:

“Riveting…Tension starts high and stays there in this unflinching page-turner, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the early punk scene and a moving testament to the power of friendship.”

Link is here.

Quill and Quire, now Publisher’s Weekly.

For those of you who have asked, yes: Daisy and Dundurn are working on a book launch in Toronto, to which all of you will be (somehow) invited.  And we are also putting together book events/media in different places in Canada in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, feel free to order your copy (or copies!) here and here!


Dear Conservative readers of this web site 

It’s been several hours, and I still think this is the stupidest political move I’ve seen in months – and that’s saying something. Why, you ask?

  • The Conservatives are tying themselves to every crazy/offensive thing Rebel does between now and the election. And, believe me: there’ll be plenty.
  • The Conservatives are fulfilling a Liberal prophecy about them: namely, that their new leader really is a nutty SoCon who is beholden to the alt-Right.
  • The Conservatives have taken, and will take, a massive hit for a “strategist” who could only eke out a razor-thin win for Scheer, after 13 ballots, no less. What has he ever done, in effect, beside creating a platform for the racist alt-Right in Canada?

Hear that sound? That’s the sound of Messrs. Trudeau and Singh dancing a jig, still astonished by their continuing good luck.

Blandy Scheer: still making Joe Clark look good.

The Rodents, the Filters, the Slinks: RIP Gord Downie

Those were some of the early names of the Tragically Hip. They got their start in the early Eighties in the nascent Kingston punk scene.

A lot of bands got their start in punk rock (and some of us never left). I always felt the Hip’s Downie had that don’t-give-a-fuck punk ethos about him.

RIP to him, the Rodents, the Filters and the Slinks.

Why did Scheer run away from his own press event? (Updated)

Seriously.  He did.  Here’s the Globe:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer abruptly ended a news conference and stopped taking questions from reporters on Monday when asked whether he was aware his campaign manager had worked out of the Rebel office during his leadership run.

Hamish Marshall, Mr. Scheer’s former campaign manager, told The Globe and Mail in response to an inquiry that he shared Toronto office space with the right-wing website during the Tory leadership race, which ended on May 27, when Mr. Scheer won by a razor-thin margin over Conservative MP Maxime Bernier.

Why’d he run?  Here’s why.

For those who are unaware, “Rebel Media” is a Far Right organization that has been, for a long time, the portal to the so-called “alt-Right” in Canada. A sampling of what just one of its stars said on Rebel:

And that’s just one of the Rebel luminaries, folks, on one occasion.  On other occasions, their people were involved in founding The Proud Boys, a hate group whose members recently harassed elderly indigenous people in Halifax and gave Nazi salutes afterwards. And: Rebel has published garbage by lunatics who write essays titled “I’m Not a Racist, Sexist, or a Homophobe, You Nigger Slut Faggot”or “Ten Things I Hate About Jews.”

And: One of their hosts – Faith Goldy – was in Charlottesville, cheering on the very neo-Nazi types who murdered a woman.  Later on, Goldy appeared on a Daily Stormer-affiliated web site – a place where genocide is advocated against minorities.

And on and on. After some of their apparent fan base started killing anti-racism protestors, the Rebel folks frantically tried to dial down or disavow their connections to the racist Right.  They even fired Goldy. But it was a case of too little, too late.  In their words and their deeds, we now know who they are.

But not Blandy Scheer, apparently.  Scheer’s campaign manager helped found and fund the Rebel.  When that became known, Scheer hastily declared that he wouldn’t have anything to do with them anymore.

What he didn’t tell us, however, was that his frigging campaign was being run out of the Rebel’s offices.  That little fact seemed to slip his mind – until the Globe challenged him.

Is Andrew Scheer and anti-Semite and a racist?  I don’t think so.

He just seems to be okay with associating with people who are.

UPDATE: They didn’t issue a news release. They issued a suicide note.