Hate and extremism in the Trump era – today at U of C’s Faculty of Law, live

This afternoon, I will be doing the Merv Leitch Memorial Lecture at my alma mater, the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law.

The topic, as the poster says, is the explosion in hate and extremism post-Brexit and post-Trump. And what we, in a civil society, can do about it.

It’s open to the public and it starts around 12:20 Calgary time in Murray Fraser Hall. If you can’t attend, I will try to broadcast it on Facebook Live.

Kinsellacast: Lisa Hate Tweets and the Spin Twins™!

Boring weekend, eh?

Just kidding.

So: Doug Ford – Ford Nation – has won the leadership of the political party most likely to form government in just 87 days. Amazing, huh?

All over Deepest Annex, soy lattĂ©s are being spit up, hybrids are being driven into the sides of tofu bars, and Birkenstocked-New Agers are playing the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan to drown out the sounds of their sobs.

Me?  I think it’s all kind of amusing.  I grew up in Ralph Klein’s Alberta, after all. And I think everyone needs to take a great big gluten-free Valium.

Herewith, then, is the latest Kinsellacast – containing my ten tweeted reasons why everyone needs to chill; Lisa’s fave hate tweets from her time at CTV, punditizing about the PC leadership schmozzle; and the Spin Twins™, offering up juicy commentary about what went down, and what will go down.

Download! Listen in!