09.06.2012 08:39 AM

K-W and Vaughan take note: Ten reasons not to vote for Andrea Horwath’s Ontario NDP

  1. She wanted to force an election months after the last one.
  2. She isn’t supported by her own party when it counts. She lets nutcases run for her.
  3. She isn’t honest.  Ever.
  4. She’s hiding where, and how, her party gets money.
  5. She’s lies to the media, and the public, about her party. All the time.
  6. She lies about hard-working frontline health workers, and won’t apologize when caught.
  7. When it matters, nobody thinks she’s terribly impressive.  At all.
  8. She doesn’t tell the truth. She says one thing, does another.
  9. She says she cares about folks who need help, like the disabled.  But she won’t help them.
  10. She doesn’t have a plan. She has crazy policies.

Don’t vote for Horwath’s Ontario NDP.  They don’t deserve your support.


  1. Glen says:

    The PCs are a non-issue in KW this time around, no?

    As for the polls that show the riding will go to the NDP, it’s obviously more an anti-McGuinty thing than an endorsement of Horwath.

  2. william smith says:

    A little worried that the libs aren’t going to win this one Warren?

  3. Patrick says:

    Literally every single one of your attacks against Ontario`s leading working mom are without merit. The resonance of Andrea Horwath`s vision for Ontario will be tested and affirmed this evening, as will Dalton McGuinty`s.

    You guys are going down in flames in K-W, and you know it. This is pure, unadulterated desperation politics at its worst. (I agree with many of your attacks on Little Timmy, though.) It`s an improvement over suggesting every citizen who opposes you candidate in an Ontario by-election wants to destroy Canada, though.

    The people will speak today. Let`s all respect their verdict.

    • Warren says:

      We’ll see, won’t we?

      • Patrick says:

        At the risk of being deemed unpatriotic/ a separatist/a sinister architect of Canada’s demise, or having weird Justin Trudeau robocalls directed against me, congrats to Catherine Fife, Ontario’s newest MPP.

        -New Democrat who still loves Canada deeply despite Ontario Liberals losing a byelection.

    • Np says:

      “Literally every single one of your attacks against Ontario`s leading working mom are without merit.”

      Kinsella may be a blind partisan (and he is) but submerged deep in his Liberal Coolaid are nuggets of truth. Partisans of all stripes would do well to acknowledge them.

      Say what you will about the Libs and the Cons; at least their ideas have, or at least will have, the opportunity to be tested in office. The NDP’s ‘vision’ for the province or country can be painted using whatever flowery colors and delicious promises they want because they will NEVER have to deliver. Even if they win a seat or two (and they might win 1), they are, always have been, and always will be, a protest vote. They are the fly paper keeping the lefty loonies out of the Liberal Party.

      • Dan says:

        Keep ignoring that protest vote. See how it works out for you.

        • Np says:

          I’m not denying the protest vote can mess with electoral results nor that they hold sway. They can and they do. I’m just saying the NDP will never have to deliver on any promises they make because they are just a protest vote: They are the nice guy friend a girl will call up and vent to about how bad their boyfriend is. They will never be the boyfriend. And the one time they did sleep together, things got weird.

          • Billy boy says:

            One time NP? The NDP have been banging your girl for decades but you’ve been too busy to notice as you entertain the palm twins on Internet porn sites.

      • Jeremy says:

        They will never have to deliver? What is the basis for this statement? You know the NDP has governed in five provinces and one territory, right? And is currently the governing party in two, Manitoba and Nova Scotia?

        • Billy boy says:

          Well said Jeremy. You beat me to the punch. Mr NP was simply trotting out old worn canards from the Red Baiting era. Not only have NDP governments spent decades in power cumulatively the federal government’s own fiscal reference tables show those governments were the most fiscally responsible of the three major parties, delivering balanced budget after balanced budget and spending the most time in budgetary surplus if any of the political parties. For the record, Conservatives were a close second and Liberals a distant third as the most fiscally irresponsible party. And yes, these numbers included that great Liberal Bob Rae when he led an Ontario NDP government.

        • Np says:

          Sigh…The Ontario NDP.

  4. Kev says:

    Those points describe McGuinty more than Horwath … but don’t hold back on any generalizations.

  5. Bruce A says:

    Go with the Liberals. Tim the Two Legged Smirk is a whack job and Andrea Who?

  6. Chris says:

    I am a teacher in Ontario that has been a die hard liberal supporter as long as I’ve been of voting age. I have worked on campaigns, contributed money, put signs on my lawn and asked my friends to vote Liberal.

    That all ended with the introduction of the ridiculous “Putting Students First” legislation. The transparent attempt to deflect attention from Liberal missteps was more than enough to turn me off of the Liberal party.

    • Cath says:

      teachers need to change their create a crisis talking points…..and we know too well about how fickle the unions can be when they don’t get their way. Good thing some don’t follow the herd.

    • Michael says:

      Be that as it may, what is the alternative?

      Vote for the PCs & Tim Hudak? I am sure he will treat teachers with fairness and respect. Right after they pass right to work legislation that allows union members to opt out of paying for dues. Sounds awesome to me, get all the benefits of union membership, without the dues. That is until the union can’t fund itself any more.

      Vote for the NDP? The partisans notwithstanding, they don’t have a realistic shot at forming government in Ontario. All you do is split the vote. May as well cut out the middle man and vote directly for Timmy.

      • Dan says:

        Yes. Keep telling anyone who criticizes the Liberals that they can’t vote for any other party. Because that worked so well for the Federal Liberals.

        What happens when people realize that they do have a choice?

    • billg says:

      Come on, how could you not know that sooner rather then later your wages and benefits were going to be rolled back? Its basic math man, look around the city’s in the US that are doing exactly what McGuinty is doing now. One of the Liberal misteps was giving Teachers raises for the past 7 years when it knew it had no money. The Province spends 15 billion more every year then it takes in, how long do you think that could go on?
      Your only vote can go with the NDP who would think nothing of piling more debt on to my childrens back. Enough is enough. 280 billion in debt and a yearly deficit of 15 billion, we’re an economical basket case and your pissed because your feeling got hurt. Time for the PS and the Teachers to help out, you’ve been on a gravy train for 20 years now, and anyone who can add can tell you its unsustainable. Two partys are saying it and the only one who’s lying about our situation is the NDP, but, kid yourself if you must.

      • Chris says:

        I was talking specifically about the legislation and generally about the refusal to negotiate we have been seeing from the government.

        Nobody is denying that there needs to be shared sacrifice.

  7. Nick H says:

    Its always comforting when the best spin doctor the Liberals have starts shooting blanks. This list doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

    Of course it hardly matters because this election is about denying McGuinty a majority. The OLP has some great policies but its time that they learn to play ball with the legislature. A minority parliament produced some excellent changes to the Liberal budget like a tax increase on high income earners that actually made the calls for universal austerity and sacrifice somewhat genuine. Its time the Liberals learned that negotiation is the heart of democracy.

    Learn to actually have committees that you don’t control. Learn to actually negotiate over the budget rather than creating a fake crisis and trying to rail road your agenda through. Maybe then Ontario will actually trust you guys with another majority mandate.

    • Warren says:

      Learn to have a leader who isn’t a chronic liar.

      Like, you know, Andrea is.

    • DanR says:

      “This list doesn’t even pass the laugh test.” Are you serious? It will be a long time before I finish laughing. Pretty soon we’re gonna hear from WK on this blog about how Jean Charest will be a great leader of the OLP. And Chantal Hebert will agree!

  8. Dude Love says:


  9. Stefan says:

    Vote Green. All the other options are unpalatable for obvious reasons.

  10. ralphie says:

    I hope now that Dalton and company get that in urban Ontario the opponents are the NDP not the Tories.
    It was the NDP who cost the Libs a majority. The Tories are nothing but a bitter rural rump.
    Time to start taking it to Horwath and ignore Hudak.

    • Dan says:

      The best way to take it to Horwath would be to stop slashing programs that people like, and stop trashing workers that people need.

      But I don’t expect the Liberal party to do that. Not when you guys are holding up Alison Redford and Jean Charest as role models.

      So you can expect previously loyal Liberal voters to get angrier and angrier.

    • Pete says:

      The NDP are even bigger liars than the Tories when they continue to hide their pure socialist agendas. Rural Ontarians won’t buy that for long.

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